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Gallup recently surveyed a sample of employees to find out what they want most from their employers. The findings showed that employees of all generations rank "an organization that cares about employees' well-being" in their top three criteria. 

For Millennials and Generation Z, this is the number one quality they desired.

So what does supporting employee well-being look like in practice? The same Gallup report explains, "too often; leaders fall into the well-being perks and policies trap, wondering why their people are burned out and stressed despite access to fringe benefits like on-site massages and treadmill desks."

This report is trying to explain that corporate-driven wellness initiatives are only part of the solution. Or, as Gallup states, "leaders of net thriving work cultures are committed to well-being values and have employees' best interests at heart."

In other words, "well-being" is less about the tangible, surface-level perks or programs, and more about how employees are treated by their managers and peers on a day-to-day. 

For businesses to truly support employee well-being (or wellness), employee happiness should be the number one goal.

Employee happiness as a priority

Putting employee's happiness first is critical to prioritizing employee wellness. That said, several digital HR solutions can help your company on its journey towards greater employee wellness.

These tools can help you address the root issues causing employee stress and burnout. Such as employees not feeling heard or not feeling valued and appreciated.

To that end, Applauz is a unique tool that can help HR teams address these critical wellness needs. 

  1. Recognition and appreciation needs
  2. Employee listening 
  3. Community and social needs

This article will explain how Applauz core features can help you address these needs and ultimately support greater employee wellness for your organization.

In addition, we will explain how Applauz can help HR teams promote and give visibility to all your most important initiatives, wellness or otherwise.

3 Ways Applauz Can Help With Your Employee Wellness Initiatives

Growing appreciation and recognition in the workplace

A lack of appreciation is a relationship killer. People want to feel appreciated and connected to those around them. It's human nature. A person's emotional and mental health suffers when they don't feel valued, or worse when they feel taken for granted.

In this Psychology Today article, an expert in workplace well-being explains how not feeling valued, recognized, or appreciated contributes to workplace burnout. 

To that end, Applauz helps companies grow appreciation within their organizations, as Applauz is first and foremost an employee recognition tool! 

The platform provides a dedicated space for employees to offer each other public praise and recognition. Employees can share recognition in any direction. This means managers can give recognition to employees, but employees can also give recognition to their managers. 

To create even more meaning for participants, Applauz works with a Points system. We call Points "the currency of gratitude." 


Applauz points have real-world value. Therefore Points help employees understand the value of recognition.

For example, a manager might give 25 points for a small task but 200 points for a big win. Since Points are inherently valuable, receiving them feels great! Ultimately, receiving Points create more meaning for both the giver and the receiver, which leads to increased positive feelings.

Most importantly, employees can save up Points and spend them on tangible gifts in the Rewards Marketplace.

Closing the gap between employees and leaders

HR can build the most extensive wellness program, but if employees are stressed, overworked, and no one is listening to them, your employee wellness initiatives won't be of much use.

Building a workplace where wellness is a priority is an important tactic to prevent burnout, overwork, and exhaustion. So employees won't have to take that sick leave in the first place. 

The first step towards taking a preventative approach to wellness means closing the gap between leaders and employees. In other words, leaders must understand what's happening on the front lines.

Answering essential questions like: Are our employees tired, are they stressed, and is the workload sustainable? 

Suppose managers have weekly 1:1 meetings with their employees and discuss their stress levels, only for that information to fail to be passed onto the decision-makers. In that case, these 1:1 meetings become a formality to "go through the motions." As a result, employees will continue to grow even more tired and unheard.

Applauz can help businesses close the gap between employees and leadership. For example, tools for employee listening like Pulse Surveys are pivotal in keeping a consistent pulse on your employees' stress levels and their general feelings about their work environment.


You can also use Polls to dig deeper and ask more detailed questions. For example, the marketing department manager can send out a weekly poll private to their team only to ask, "how are your stress level this week," or "how many additional hours did you work this week."

Applauz enables virtual social activities and challenges

In March 2021, Applauz held a wellness scavenger hunt for its employees. Employees were encouraged to participate in any wellness activity. It could be running, yoga, skiing, hiking, cooking, drawing -- it was entirely up to them. Each activity earned them a point.

Every week, participants posted pictures of the activities they completed on the Newsfeed for everyone to see. This helped the hosts keep track of the activities and sparked conversations as people found out more about each other's interests and hobbies.

At the end of the month, the hosts tallied up the points to see which people performed the most activities. Prizes were awarded to the winners!

You can see how the Applauz platform can be used to support team-building and virtual activities in various ways. 

For example:

  • The Newsfeed acts as a central hub to post and share photos and videos. This Sparks organic conversation and helps people to get to know each other’s passions and hobbies.
  • Using Applauz Goals to easily reward participants and encourage them to participate. 
  • Using Applauz Points keeps the stakes high and motivates participation as a real reward awaits the winners (or those who participate in the activity).

For example, at the start of our wellness challenge, the host set up a Goal for each employee to "participate in the wellness challenge." At the end of the month, anyone who participated, their Goal was marked as "achieved." Which automatically rewarded them with Applauz Points.

Additional Points were awarded to those who achieved first, second and third place. With those points, the winners could shop the Applauz Rewards Marketplace for real tangible gifts they could have shipped straight to their homes.

Bonus: Give more visibility to your new HR initiatives & announcements

Many businesses launch HR initiatives or programs only for employees to fail to use them. In many cases, employees don't even know they exist! 

You've worked hard on these initiatives and of course, you want your employees to take full advantage of these new policies or programs.

The Newsfeed can act as a platform to promote important HR initiatives. Any post made on the Newsfeed will stay on the Newsfeed. And can also be pinned to the top of the Newsfeed for any length of time, so it's the first thing people see when they log in.


That said, if your company uses Slack, you can use the Applauz Slack app so that anything posted on Applauz will automatically pop up in a Slack channel of your choice. This way, employees won't have to leave Slack to read these announcements. 

How Applauz Can Support Your Employee Engagement Initiatives Download PDF Now

Everything You Need to Know

Employee wellness is more important than ever. However, in today's world, supporting "wellness" at work should extend beyond physical wellness. It's about creating a happy and safe workplace that cares for the mental health and total well-being of employees. 

Applauz offers HR teams a valuable tool to address these critical wellness needs. 


  1. Recognition and appreciation needs
  2. Employee listening 
  3. Community and social needs

By supporting these needs, you will help your company cultivate a strong culture where employees feel heard, deeply valued, and connected.

Michelle Cadieux
Michelle Cadieux

Michelle is the lead content writer at Applauz. She has a Psychology background and loves to read and write about human happiness, motivation and decision-making. She loves scary movies and cooking classic Italian food.

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