If your employees already use Slack as their main communication tool, integrating Applauz into your Slack workspace will allow them to stay updated on what's happening on Applauz without ever leaving Slack.

The Applauz Slack app allows employees to:

  • Be notified in a Slack channel of choice of any new posts, recognitions, or Polls posted on the Applauz Newsfeed.
  • Give a peer recognition in Slack.
  • Answer weekly Pulse Survey questions directly in Slack.

The Applauz Slack app will keep your employees connected and engaged with each other through Slack without having to switch platforms.

If you don’t already use Slack, all you have to do is create an account.

What we'll cover:

How to Connect Slack to Applauz forAdministrators

Note: Only the Applauz Administrator will be able to perform this task.

1. Start by clicking on the button below.

Add to Slack

2. Once you click it, you'll be asked to allow Applauz to have permission to your Slack and to select a Slack channel you want your Applauz notification to appear in.

image (8)

3. Select the right channel and click "allow" to give consent to Applauz. You'll then be brought to the Applauz login page.

image (9)

4. log in to Applauz with your email and password.

5. You'll be redirected to your Slack workspace. In your Slack workspace, you'll notice the newly installed Applauz app on the bottom left-hand side.

image (10)


Connecting Slack to Applauz: Instructions for Employees

At this point, employees will also have to connect Applauz to their Slack, following similar steps as above.

1. At the bottom left-hand corner of Slack, where it says "Apps," employees must click on the small "+" sign.


2. They will be directed to the Slack App Directory, where they can search and find the Applauz app.

image (11)

3. Click on Applauz to add it to their Slack apps. Applauz app should then appear at the bottom left-hand corner of Slack.

image (10)
4. Now, they must click on the app and go to the "Home" tab of the app.  They will see a button that says "Connect to Applauz."

image (12)

5. Once they click it, they will be asked to allow Applauz to have permission to their Slack.

6. Click "allow" to give consent to Applauz, and then they'll be brought to the Applauz login page.

image (9)

7. They must then log in to Applauz with their email and password. They'll be redirected back to Slack with the Applauz app fully installed.

8. Back under the "Home" page of the Applauz Slack app, they should see "you are currently logged into Applauz." to know that the connection was made successfully.


Applauz Notifications on Slack

Once the connection is completed, any action taken on the Applauz Newsfeed, such as creating a new post or recognition message, will create a notification in your chosen Slack Channel.

You will also see a preview of the post or recognition in Slack, so there's no need to switch platforms! Although you have the option to click on "View post on Applauz" and it will take you directly to the Applauz Newsfeed.


Pulse Surveys

When a new Pulse Survey is sent on Mondays, employees will receive a red badge notification directly in the Applauz Slack app.

By clicking on the Applauz Slack app, under the "Messages" tab, they will be able to respond to the survey questions directly in Slack without having to switch platforms!


How to recognize a peer in Slack

Employees can send recognition messages to their peers directly in Slack. 

Navigate to the "Home" tab of the Applauz Slack app. Here, they will see the option to pick a person whom they want to recognize, the number of points they wish to award them (if any) and/or a badge. And finally, they can write their recognition message.


Once they hit "Recognize on Applauz," the recognition message will be posted on the Applauz Newsfeed for everyone to see.

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