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Build an Engaging Workplace

Grow company culture, support the corporate mission, reduce churn, and boost productivity with Applauz.

The Total Employee Experience

Cold hard cash isn’t enough to motivate employees to achieve excellence. Studies show that a well-designed employee experience supports greater levels of employee engagement, enthusiasm, and professional accountability. Applauz helps your organization shape a compelling and unique employee experience which is aligned to your overall corporate culture objectives.

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Recognizing The Total Employee Contribution

Your Business Success Relies on The People Who Drive It.
Applauz is the only employee engagement software connecting organizational culture with your business and HR metrics allowing for a full 360 analysis of the “Total Employee Contribution”.

Providing modern organizations with critical people-driven metrics, Applauz offers comprehensive, analytical reports which help today's Leaders truly evaluate their workforce’s individual contributions to their business.

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Recognizing & Rewarding Your Employees everyday

Applauz provides your employee engagement program with essential HR tools to help engage, celebrate, recognize and reward, as well as motivate your workforce in a personalized way each and every day! Reward your staff with valuable Applauz  Reward “Points” they can redeem on the Rewards Marketplace. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Thank you for all of your excellent customer service. Applauz is by far one of the best Employee Recognition Software Programs I have ever used! Congratulations!
Crystal Toll
Human Resources Manager - Allphase Clinical Research
With the launch of Applauz, not only are we able to go back to basics with peer-to-peer recognition, we will have the opportunity to showcase our corporate values and ideology and tie it back to business objectives. What a great success!
Peter Stallone
Talent & Corporate Engagement Crusader - Thinking Capital
Applauz is an amazing tool for SMBs to increase employee engagement!
Catalin Caracas
HR Executive - Ranger Design

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