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3 Easy Steps to Getting Started

Every company struggles with Employee Engagement. Applauz is designed to make it quick and easy to start your customized Employee Recognition Program.

  Setup your program
  Add your employees
  Recognize & Reward

1. Setup your program

Make sure to fill out all your company information as well as uploading your company logo to personalize your News Feed. 

Take this moment to go over the program options. Turn ON/OFF the various features to tailor your Employee Recognition Program Experience.

Start Your Recognition Program


2. Add your employees

To launch your Program you’ll need to invite at least one employee to join the platform.

Take this opportunity to quickly and easily add all your employees by uploading a CSV file with all your employee’s basic info or connecting Applauz to your BambooHR or Azure AD account to sync your employee list from there, or by adding employees manually.

Adding & Managing Employees


3. Recognize & Reward

Jump-start your program by recognizing a handful of deserving employees, this way your employees will be able feel the benefits of recognition first hand and be more inclined to participate.

Ensure to continuously make the effort to lead by example when it comes to employee engagement.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Build an Extraordinary Workplace

Applauz helps you engage, recognize, and reward your best employees

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Thank you for all of your excellent customer service. Applauz is by far one of the best Employee Recognition Software Programs I have ever used! Congratulations!
Crystal Toll
Human Resources Manager - Allphase Clinical Research
With the launch of Applauz, not only are we able to go back to basics with peer-to-peer recognition, we will have the opportunity to showcase our corporate values and ideology and tie it back to business objectives. What a great success!
Peter Stallone
Talent & Corporate Engagement Crusader - Thinking Capital
Applauz is an amazing tool for SMBs to increase employee engagement!
Catalin Caracas
HR Executive - Ranger Design