Recognition Starter

Build Appreciation Through the Power of Recognition

Foster a vibrant culture that people
want to be a part of!

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Keep Your Workplace Connected

Get quick culture updates on Workplace.

Employees stay connected from wherever they are with at-a-glance company news and events that matter to them. Let your team easily view their recognition, awards, and comments from peers and managers posted to your company’s Newsfeed. It’s the perfect way for employees to kick-start their day!


Effortlessly Appreciate & Recognize Co-Workers

The Newsfeed powers your recognition strategy.

The Newsfeed is the real-time heartbeat of your company's culture. Post employee announcements, company updates, recognitions, and polls. It's a vibrant space that encourages genuine appreciation and consistently nurtures authentic employee engagement. 


Let employees appreciate on-the-go

Empower your team with the Applauz Mobile App and enjoy the convenience of recognizing colleagues, communicating with your team and remaining connected to the company culture from anywhere.

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Honor Outstanding Achievements

Foster a culture of appreciation, no matter where you work.

Everyone, from staff to management, can recognize both individual and team efforts. This inclusive approach to appreciation boosts peer bonds and connectivity, fueling engagement and productivity within the team.


Mark Memorable Milestones

Simplify work anniversary celebrations with Applauz.

Eliminate the hassle of tracking important dates and employee milestones. Applauz simplifies employee milestone tracking with automated celebration posts for employee birthdays and work anniversaries. Personalize your appreciation with custom messages and rewards, all shared on your company newsfeed so everyone can celebrate together!



Reward Success

Level up your game with Badges & Point Incentives


Point Incentives

Recognize employee achievements.

Points act as virtual reward currency for your company recognition program. Similar to tangible currency, Points can be accumulated and exchanged for valuable rewards on Applauz Marketplace. Enhance the impact of your recognition efforts by celebrating employee excellence with Points!

More on Applauz Points Incentives

Badge Incentives

Add personality to your recognition program.

Badges serve as visual trophies, reinforcing recognition and fostering a culture of excellence in your organization. Celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, goal-crushing, embodying values, and more using default badges or create your own. Additionally, employees can unlock custom company perks with Badges!

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Provide Extraordinary Rewards

Offer employees the flexibility to pick rewards that truly matter to them.

With over 30,000 items available for redemption, employees can use their earned Points to conveniently browse the Rewards Marketplace from their desktops or mobile devices. Offerings include brand-named products, digital gift cards, travel, experiences, and even charitable donations—all redeemable with Applauz Points.

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Recognition Starter - Perks

Company Perks

Offer Custom Company Perks

Provide unique company perks aligned with your organization’s identity and culture.

Tailor your company perks to deliver impactful rewards that resonate with your team’s preferences and embody your company values, from paid time off, to learning opportunities, and custom company-branded merchandise. Employees can redeem Perks using their earned Applauz Points and Badges.

More about Company Perks


Track the Impact of Your Program

Accessible and straightforward reports.

Easily understand the success of your program by accessing clear and simple reports that detail adoption rates, participation rates, and individual engagement levels. It's like having a clear roadmap to see how your program is doing.

Dive into Employee Analytics

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Embark on a seamless journey with Applauz's dedicated onboarding and program setup, aligning your people strategy with HR objectives. We expertly guide you through program setup, guaranteeing satisfaction and reinforcing our commitment to your success.

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