Work Anniversaries

Honor Every Meaningful Moment

Recognize Loyalty Beyond Conventional Work Anniversary Milestones.

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Employee Appreciation with a Twist

Work Anniversaries gives your service awards program new superpowers.

Recognize important employee milestones through the automated celebration of work anniversaries and employee birthdays, creating a culture that thrives on continuous employee appreciation.

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Milestone Appreciation

Mark Memorable Milestones Effortlessly

Simplify employee milestone appreciation with Applauz.

Eliminate the hassle of tracking important dates and employee milestones. Applauz simplifies milestone tracking with automated celebration posts for employee birthdays and work anniversaries. Personalize appreciation with custom messages and rewards, all shared on your company newsfeed for a collective celebration spirit.


Elevate your traditional years of service practice

Increase opportunities to celebrate your employees' dedication with an impactful appreciation message for each year of tenure.


Personalize celebration messages

Use default program templates or personalize appreciation for any employee celebration at an individual level.


Control employee Points allocation

Tailor reward points for each celebration event according to your program budget and preferences.


Offer an enhanced Rewards Marketplace

Enjoy year-round access and endless redemptions with expanded gift choices including merchandise, gift cards, travel, and experiences.


Offer Unforgettable Gifts

Empower employees to choose rewards they truly love.

Enable employees to exchange their Points for premium merchandise, gift cards, exciting concert and local event tickets, charitable contributions, and even travel experiences on the Applauz Marketplace, all redeemable with Applauz Points.

With over 30,000 items available, employees can conveniently redeem rewards year-round on desktops or mobile devices.


Benefits of Applauz Marketplace:

  • Orders shipped within 48hrs
  • Delivery tracking on all orders
  • Delivered directly to home or office
  • Detailed program invoicing
  • Toll-free and Live Chat customer service
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Track The Impact of Your Program

Access easy-to-read program reports and invoicing.

Easily understand the success of your program by accessing clear and simple reports that detail adoption rates, participation rates, and individual engagement levels. It's like having a clear roadmap to see how your program is doing.

Seamless Program Reporting for Maximum Accountability:

  • Marketplace purchase invoicing for accounting reconciliation
  • Budget your program and keep your costs in check
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Help Desk Availability:

Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM EST

Accessible via phone, zoom or email.

Dedicated Support

We Help You Deliver a VIP-Worthy Experience

Seamless onboarding isn't just a promise; it's a guarantee.

Experience a seamless journey from the start with Applauz's dedicated program support. We'll assist you in setting up and customizing your program, ensuring alignment with your company culture.

  • Whiteglove program setup and launch
  • Ongoing program support and management
  • Full-service marketplace customer support handling
  • Toll-free, email, and live chat customer service
Our Dedicated Account Services

Proudly Delivering Exceptional Care!

Prioritizing customer satisfaction is not just a core value—it’s the driving force behind every interaction we have with you and your team.

Mark The Significant Moments

Empower your workforce with Applauz.