Rewards Marketplace

A Marketplace That Delights and Inspires

Employee recognition with the power of rewards.


A Personalized Employee Rewards Experience

Give your people the gift of choice.

Enhance your recognition program with a fully stocked employee Rewards Marketplace. With thousands of options available, employees will love using their recognition points to redeem amazing gifts.

As your dedicated rewards provider, Applauz Marketplace delivers a tailored, branded user experience aligned with your company’s preferences and program objectives, perfectly reflecting your values and culture.

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The Value of an Employee Rewards Program

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The Joy of Shopping on Applauz Marketplace

Livraison à domicile gratuite et accès au service client en direct.

Shop on your desktop or mobile device.

Locally shipped in 70+ countries.

2-day shipping
and tracking.

Easy, hassle-free,
order returns.

Email and toll-free
customer service.

Unlock the Full Potential of Rewards

With worldwide warehouses and availability in over 70 countries, no import hassles, no customs fees, and always free shipping.



Best Selling Items From World-Class Brands

A marketplace of rewards for everyone.

Applauz Marketplace is full of popular brand-name items available in hundreds of lifestyle categories, such as electronics, sportswear, home appliances, tools, and more! We offer a range of marketplace options to suit every program budget.


10 Reasons Why E-Commerce Plugins Fall Short for Employee Rewards

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30,000+ Products From 4,000+ Brands Across More Than 20 Lifestyle Categories

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Point Incentives

Turn Recognition Into Rewards

Applauz Points are the currency of gratitude.

Unlock the real-world impact of Applauz Points as employees accumulate and redeem them for valuable gifts on the Applauz Marketplace. From merchandise, events, and travel to charities, gift cards, and custom company-specific rewards, integrate a points-based employee reward program to not only enhance the impact of your recognition program but also elevate employee compensation at a fraction of the cost.

About Point Incentives


Why Are Employees Motivated by Non Cash Incentives and Rewards

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Points Offer Employees the Freedom To:

Shop how they want

Redeem one or multiple items at a time.

Redeem luxury items

Collect points to redeem a variety of premium rewards.

Redeem with purpose

Donate Points to local and international charities.


Customer Service

Always Here to Help

The difference of in-house customer service.

Count on the support of a dedicated team—from your Account Manager to our attentive customer care professionals—all committed to enhancing your Applauz rewards experience. Our Customer Service promise spans every step of the redemption process, from gift selection to the moment it arrives at your employee’s doorstep.

Applauz customer care team is more than awesome, they responded asap and solved my issue in a few minutes. Glad to enjoy this kind of service. You guys deliver top quality actions beyond mere words. Thanks.

Jobin K Babu

Samco Machinery

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