Rewards Tailored to 
Your Unique Company Culture

Show appreciation with a custom company perks catalog.

Recognition Starter - Perks

The Ultimate Upgrade to Employee Benefits

Elevate employee benefits with custom Perks.

Introducing a customized company Perks catalog to your recognition program creates a rewards experience that is truly one-of-a-kind and exclusive to your company and culture.

Custom Perks allow you to offer rewards tailored to what your workforce genuinely values, such as health and wellness, learning and development, culture, and loyalty. The possibilities are limitless!

Showcase Your Company’s Unique Identity:


Health & Wellness

Local gym memberships, fitness merchandise, and day spa passes.


Learning & Growth

Training programs, workshops, conferences, mentorship programs.


Culture & Loyalty

Employee discounts, company swag, paid lunches, extra time off.

Perk Rewards

Use Perks as Motivational Incentives

Redeem Points & Badges for exclusive Perks.

Use Perks to motivate your workforce to achieve desired outcomes and behaviors, and to support your HR and change management initiatives.

Perks are your go-to solution allowing you to offer personalized company incentives as redeemable rewards. Crafting Perks is seamless with the flexibility to choose whether employees can redeem instantly or use their earned recognition Points or Badges.

Dive into Point & Badge Incentives

Easily Craft Custom Perks:

  • Set the Perk’s redemption value in Points or Badges.
  • Specify the available quantity.
  • Set any redemption limits.



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Collaborate & Streamline Perk Fulfillment

Put the power of Perks in your managers' hands.

Empower Perk creators to select program admins, department heads, or specific individuals to collaboratively handle Perk fulfillment.

After a Perk is redeemed, both the redeemer and those responsible for fulfillment gain access to clear redemption & fulfillment instructions, effortless communication, and convenient document sharing.

Create Budget-Friendly Perks to Inspire Your Team!

Let us guide you through custom Perks.