Empowering Strategic HR with Actionable Data

Gain in-depth understanding of employees and culture.


See The Full Picture

Employee insights that matter to your business.

Applauz seamlessly integrates meaningful employee analytics and real-time program data, linking every aspect of your employee engagement initiative, from recognition to reward.

Strategically support your organizational goals

  • Reduce turnover and improve employee loyalty.
  • Enhance employee performance and well-being.
  • Develop employee skills and competencies.
  • Improve communication and collaboration among teams.
  • Promote and support DE&I initiatives.
  • Nurture a positive culture and boost employee morale.


Measure Engagement at Every Level

Uncover the ROI of Employee Recognition and Rewards.

The act of recognition underscores the deep bond among employees through their sincere expressions of appreciation. Applauz enables you to effortlessly monitor and measure the impact of appreciation on your company culture with real-time, easy-to-understand recognition reports.

Fostering a culture of appreciation results in a more resilient and engaged culture.

Keep tabs on important program engagement metrics.


Monitor point distribution and reward redemptions over time.


Track the success of performance and well-being objectives.



Monitor Your Impact on Culture

Discover how appreciation shapes your workplace.

Applauz Pulse Reports provide a clear and meaningful overview of the state of employee engagement across your organization. Pulse analytics empower people leaders with valuable employee feedback and insights to address real-time concerns and proactively foster a positive work environment.


Keep your finger on the pulse of the organization.

Monitor changes over time and compare across teams & themes.


Keep tabs on important employee performance indicators.


Track response rates to gauge feedback levels over time.



Gauge Your Program’s Effectiveness

Easily track how well your recognition program is doing.

Program participation is essential to the success of your employee engagement initiatives. With participation analytics, people leaders can keep an eye on how widely the program is being used, easily spot engagement leaders as well as track involvement levels across the organization.

Monitor program adoption and use across the entire organization.


Keep tabs on program activity levels through Culture Score.


Identify program influencers with engagement leaderboards.


Tap Into Your Team’s Full Potential

Discover the power of employee insights with a specialist.