Point & Badge Incentives

A powerful combination to supercharge appreciation.


The Currency of Gratitude

Think of it as maximum impact recognition.

Amplify the power of your recognition strategy by empowering managers and employees to recognize each other using Applauz Points and Badges.

Points and Badge Incentives transform appreciation into tangible rewards and serve as recognition boosters, adding real inspirational value to your employee engagement initiatives.


Augment the impact of your HR initiatives

Incentivize objectives 
and challenges

Reinforce company culture and values

Reward achievements 
and contributions



Boost Your Appreciation With Points

Points unlock a marketplace of rewards.

Applauz Points are an optional program feature that serves as virtual currency for your recognition program. You can choose to purchase Points at any time and in any denomination at your convenience.

Employees and managers can recognize each other with Applauz Points and redeem them for company perks and amazing gifts on the Applauz Marketplace.

Employees excelled more with non-cash incentives than equivalent cash incentives in challenging mental tasks.

Journal of Human Performance


Recognize Employees With Badges

They’re like trophies for your recognition program.

Badges act as symbols of achievement and honor, strengthening recognition and cultivating a culture of excellence within your organization. Personalize Badges to resonate with your company's unique identity, and enable leaders to award Badges to reinforce positive actions and behaviors that uphold the company’s values, mission and objectives.

Badges also enable the redemption of custom company perks you design. Employees can then exchange their accumulated Badges for a wide range of carefully crafted and enticing rewards.


Using Points & Badges Across Applauz

Pair incentives with the following features.

Incentivize positive behaviour and values through Recognition.

Auto-award employees on their birthdays and Anniversaries.

Boost participation by rewarding Points with Pulse Surveys.

Award exceptional achievements and success with Goals.

Experience the Impact of Points and Badges in Action!