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    Have you ever heard of an employee who complained about receiving too much recognition? 

    Of course not! 

    You're much more likely to hear an employee complain about a lack of recognition or appreciation.

    That’s because expressions of appreciation and recognition are some of the most effective ways to boost employee morale and engagement.

    Research has demonstrated the importance of employee recognition, time and time again. For example, a Gallup survey found that employees who do not feel adequately recognized are twice as likely to say they'll quit in the next year. (Gallup, 2016)

    Giving recognition is simple

    These statistics, like the ones above, may look worrisome to managers and HR professionals, especially if your company doesn't practice recognition regularly. But HR leaders and company owners shouldn't be worried, as prioritizing recognition doesn't require complex or costly solutions.

    Applauz Recognition was developed to help businesses looking to jump-start their recognition efforts. We believe that appreciation is the foundation of trust and connection and is ultimately the driving force behind rich and fruitful company cultures.

    That said, we know that the average employee's day is filled with all kinds of tasks -- big and small. When it comes to easy, routine tasks, a simple "great job" from a manager or peer is enough. But for larger, more complex projects and assignments, a little extra appreciation is warranted.

    That's where Applauz Points come in. Applauz Points are the currency of recognition, and they unlock real rewards!

    Applauz Points create a fun and engaging element to a recognition program. They have been shown to accelerate program adoption and fuel participation. Here are a few other ways Applauz Points help to boost the success of an employee recognition program.

    7 Ways You Can Accelerate Your Recognition Program with Applauz Points

    Creates a dynamic recognition program

    Think of what social media would be like without a "like" button or Reddit without upvotes; these components make social media so engaging. Similarly, adding Points to your recognition program creates a fun and dynamic experience for both employees and managers. Points create a gamification experience. That's because Points are backed by real money and therefore give recognition more weight and significance, which brings us to our next point.

    Gives recognition more weight

    Applauz points have real-world value. Employees can save up Points and spend them on tangible gifts in the Rewards Marketplace. As such, Points help employees understand the value of their recognition. For example, a manager might give 25 points for a small task but 200 points for a big assignment.

    Since Points are inherently valuable, receiving them feels great! Ultimately, receiving Points creates more meaning for both the giver and the receiver, which leads to more positive feelings. These positive feelings translate into greater participation in the program!

    Incentivizes recognition giving for managers

    On Applauz, company managers are the people responsible for kick-starting recognitionPoints-HeroImg actions. But, sometimes, managers need a little incentive to get the recognition ball rolling. Applauz Points are the perfect tool to motivate managers to engage in the program, and most importantly, to make recognition a regular part of their monthly workflow.

    Motivates everyone to get involved

    The permission to give Applauz Points is not only for managers; Recognition Allowances can be unlocked so all employees can offer their colleagues Applauz Points too! Giving Applauz Points feels good. And it feels even better to receive them. That's why opening up Recognition Allowances to your entire organization (or select teams) incentivizes everyone to get involved with the program. 

    A simple way for managers to reward top performers

    As mentioned before, words of recognition are a powerful way to show employees that you appreciate their effort. However, when employees truly go above and beyond, sometimes a little extra appreciation is needed. Applauz Points provides managers with an easy and fast way to reward top performers. There's no need for managers to spend Asset 90app-store-icontoo much time thinking about getting their employees as a reward. And most importantly, Points give employees the freedom to choose their reward on the Applauz Marketplace. 

    Unlocks tangible rewards!

    With Applauz, you can recognize employees but also reward them! The best part about using Applauz Points is that it unlocks the Applauz Rewards Marketplace -- a digital marketplace full of popular brand-name items from hundreds of lifestyle categories like electronics, sportswear, and home appliances. Employees love shopping on the Rewards Marketplace for themselves, or it can also be a great way to shop for holiday or birthday gifts for their loved ones as well.

    Employees can choose their own reward

    Psychological studies show that external rewards only inspire people into action when they actually want the reward that is being promised. Unfortunately, many businesses spend time and money on rewards employees don't want. The most significant benefit of Applauz Points is that they give employees the flexibility to choose a reward that they will actually enjoy. As a result, the item selected becomes a warm reminder of the appreciation of their manager's gratitude, instead of an item that's never used, or at worse, forgotten.

    Start Your Employee Rewards & Recognition Program with Applauz Download PDF Now

    All You Need to Know

    Applauz Points are an essential component of a well-rounded employee recognition program. Points create incentives for both employees and managers to participate in the program. 

    Most importantly, Points give recognition more weight, as they are backed by real dollars and unlock access to the Applauz Rewards Marketplace, where employees can shop for real brand-name products. 

    Learn more about Applauz Points here. And the Rewards Marketplace here

    Michelle Cadieux
    Michelle Cadieux

    Michelle is the lead content writer at Applauz. She has a Psychology background and loves to read and write about human happiness, motivation and decision-making. She loves scary movies and cooking classic Italian food.

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