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Applauz is Software Reviews Gold Champion Winner
Applauz Pulse Surveys Awarded Gold Champion By Software Reviews

Software Reviews has selected our Pulse Survey tool as the “Gold Champion” winner in the employee engagement category.

Applauz News  

  1 min read

bad leadership habits
8 Habits Most Leaders Think Are Normal (but Are Actually Harmful)

Bad management habits are still very common despite the progress many workplaces have made in recent years.

Management   Employee Engagement  

  6 min read

 employee recognition and rewards budget
How to Budget for Employee Recognition and Rewards

Not sure how much to spend on your employee recognition and rewards budget? Here are some industry-tested guidelines to help you get started.

Employee Recognition   HR Strategy  

  3 min read

pay matters book david weaver
Applauz Book Club: The Art and Science of Employee Compensation

In this edition of Applauz Book Club, we read Pay Matters by David Weaver and learn the steps to build a retention-driving compensation strategy.

Book Club   HR Strategy  

  6 min read

6 Easy Ways to Foster Employee Connections (without It Feeling Forced)

If getting your teams and people to connect organically has proven difficult, you might need an entirely different approach.

Management   Company Culture  

  4 min read

The Future of Work: Applauz CEO Explores the Opportunities and Challenges

In this panel talk, Applauz CEO Francois Fortier reflects on the future of work and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for all organizations.

Company Culture   Employee Engagement  

  3 min read

Applauz’s Most Read Articles of 2022

In 2022, Applauz received thousands of readers eager to learn about engagement, retention, and recognition among other topics.

Employee Engagement  

  4 min read

Why Applauz Is a “Need to Have” Not a “Nice to Have” Solution

Investing in employee engagement or recognition is no longer optional. These are must-haves for growing healthy, strong, and profitable cultures.

Employee Recognition  

  4 min read

signs of a great company culture
9 Powerful Signs You Are Building a Great Company Culture

Look no further than these tell-tale signs of a great company culture to know if your culture is on the right track!

Company Culture  

  6 min read

Radical Candor Book Summary
Applauz Book Club: How to Give Radically Candid Feedback

In this edition of Applauz Book Club, we summarize Radical Candor by Kim Scott and learn how you can be a kick-ass boss without losing your humanity.

Book Club  

  7 min read

Success Story: Kongsberg Digital

A look at how this technology company uses Applauz and peer recognition to keep employees feeling valued and happy!

Success Stories  

  1 min read

Why Passive Aggression Silently Harms Teams (And How to Stop It)

Passive aggression at work is very common, and it can seriously harm your team's morale.

Management   Employee Engagement  

  4 min read

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