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How to Improve your Pulse Survey Themes on Applauz

Scored low on a Pulse Survey theme? Don't worry! Here are our most popular articles to help you improve employee engagement.


  10 min read

11 Research-Based Practices to Help Reduce Stress and Boost Well-being at Work

Dealing with stress at work? This article offers ideas on how to reduce stress at work so you (and your employees) can be happier and more productive.

Management   Company Culture  

  11 min read

6 Tips to Help Automate Your Applauz Program for Easy Management

Learn how Applauz administrators can manage their recognition program more effectively by including these automatons. 


  3 min read

7 Signs of a Troubled Company Culture (And What to Do About It)

Is your work culture toxic and harming employees' well-being? Here are a few signs, as well as actions you can take to get your culture back on track.

Company Culture  

  10 min read

18 Thought Leaders Who Will Inspire Your HR and Management Strategies

Looking for a fresh perspective for your HR and people strategies? You can find inspiration from some of these experts and industry leaders.

HR Strategy  

  8 min read

3 Ways Applauz Can Help With Your Employee Wellness Initiatives

Discover how Applauz can help your HR team support and promote their employee wellness initiatives.


  4 min read

A Simple Step-By-Step Guide to Plan Your Employee Retention Strategy

By using a structured approach, it becomes easy to plan an employee retention strategy. Here is a template you can use to start your retention plan today.

HR Strategy  

  8 min read

Why Employee Happiness Is the New Engagement

Low employee engagement continues to be a problem for many businesses. An entirely new approach is needed, one that puts employee happiness first.

Employee Engagement   HR Strategy  

  7 min read

Applauz Book Club: How to Create a Culture of Loyalty and Engagement

In this edition of Applauz Book Club, we explore ideas about employee retention and discuss lessons from the book The 7 Intuitive Laws Of Employee Loyalty.

Book Club  

  8 min read

Introducing Pulse Survey Incentives

The Applauz Pulse Survey module now offers Points Incentivization. Here's how it works!


  1 min read

4 Recognition Pitfalls Managers Should Be Aware Of (and How to Avoid Them)

Employees want recognition, that's for sure. But even recognition can have unexpected consequences. Here's what managers can do to avoid those pitfalls.

Employee Recognition  

  7 min read

Applauz: 2021 Canadian HR Awards Finalists

Applauz announces that it has been selected as a Finalist for “HRD Readers’ Choice Award for Best Service Provider” in the 8th annual Canadian HR Awards.

Applauz News  

  1 min read