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Success Story: Home Care Delivered

Published: February 16, 2021

Last Updated: December 15, 2021

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A look at how this health care company uses Applauz to boost their team morale and engagement.

Company name: Home Care Delivered

Industry: Hospital & Health Care

About: HCD is a specialty medical distributor that partners with physicians, home care providers and other healthcare practitioners by providing home medical supplies to their customers.

Headquarters: Glen Allen, VA. (U.S.A)

Applauz participants: 200


Home Care Delivered is a specialty medical supply distributor based out of Glenn Allen, Virginia. They partner with physicians, home care providers, and other healthcare practitioners to provide fast home delivery of quality medical supplies. They also offer educational resources on how to use their products. They support their customers with additional information and resources about conditions from their educated staff and team of nurses.


Terri Sibley is the Director of Human Resources at Home Care Delivered. She is responsible for HR, Recruiting, Employment Law, and Strategic HR Analytics to support business plans.

Before Applauz, Home Care Delivered relied on company-wide emails to give employees recognition. And they occasionally recognized each other during team meetings, but this became more difficult while employees are working from home.

The problem with this approach to recognition is that it lacked personalization, and recognition from managers wasn’t frequent enough. Also, peers had few opportunities to express recognition to each other.

Home Care Delivered was searching for a better way for managers to give employees recognition but also for peers to appreciate each other.

“Teammates wanted to be recognized for their accomplishments, and peers wanted to recognize each other, but we did not have an easy way to accomplish this.”

Terri found Applauz through Google. She was instantly drawn to the simple design and user-friendly interface of Applauz.

“It looks and works exactly like a social media platform. I thought it would be easy to use and well accepted by our teammates.”

A simple transition

Terri tested out Applauz with a small focus group. She found that the focus group quickly learnt how to use the tool, found it fun to use, and adopted it quickly. Applauz was then set up for the whole company. 

“The set-up process was simple and seamless. There was nothing to install, and it was easy to manage as an admin.”

Applauz was rapidly adopted by Home Care Delivered's team of over 200 employees. Almost all employees currently work from home.

“Applauz is so easy to use for employees because it has a similar feel to a social media platform. Employees say they look forward to logging into Applauz and seeing daily posts from users and peers. It’s extremely motivating."

Realize company values

Home Care Delivered has a strong set of core values that guides everything they do. “They are what makes us unique and helps us to provide the best customer experience in the medical supply industry.”

Having a dedicated platform for appreciation and recognition allows every Home Care Delivered employee to actualize their company values, such as “being compassionate and caring” and “showing gratitude.” 

Applauz provides a tool for them to realize their values, and it feels really good! The positive feelings that spark when gratitude and appreciation are exchanged are instantaneous.

“It was almost immediate once we rolled it out to the company. We received many notes of positive feedback from our teammates.”

A boost in morale and engagement

In this virtual world of work, Applauz has helped Terri keep company morale and engagement high. Employees have a way of connecting virtually with each other in a fun and easy way.

Asset 106

“Applauz has been a tremendous morale booster, and teammates have stayed engaged with each other. We have even used it to develop and track fun contests and initiatives.”

Applauz’s Company Newsfeed feature has been especially beneficial. Home Care Delivered employees love that the recognition message they receive is public for the entire company to see. And they also have fun recognizing each other.

“Employees love the fact that the recognition they receive is broadcasted for the entire company to see.”

Leaders are also using Applauz Points to award top players. “Our leaders are thankful they have a special way to award top performers.”

Start Your Employee Rewards & Recognition Program with Applauz Download PDF NowTerri’s Takeaways

  • The Applauz interface is simple and easy to use, like a social media platform!
  • Program set-up is seamless—nothing to install and easy to administrate.
  • The positive impact on employee morale and engagement was instant.
  • Receiving public recognition makes employees feel appreciated and is highly motivating.
  • Using Points is a simple and effective way for leaders to reward their top performers.

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