Cultivate a Culture of Appreciation

Make genuine recognition a part of your workplace.


peer Recognition

Recognition for Everyone at Every Level

Applauz supports inclusive 360° peer recognition.

Today, recognition isn’t a once-in-a-blue-moon event; it’s an everyday affair. It’s about celebrating the small victories and appreciating individual contributions. Build a robust, high-performing organization by fostering a culture of appreciation across all levels. Applauz empowers every employee, including managers, to recognize each other in meaningful ways.

The Applauz Approach to Peer Recognition:

Inclusive and Frequent

Recognition is not limited to formal events or top performers.


Employees and managers directly recognize each other.

Holistic and Values-Driven

Extends beyond metrics to teamwork, innovation, and leadership.

Fuel Performance Through Stronger Connections

Recognition is key to a positive workplace culture.

When colleagues actively celebrate each other's contributions and achievements, it fosters motivation, leading to higher morale and stronger professional relationships. Integrating recognition into your employee engagement strategies helps boost program participation, employee satisfaction, and retention.

Applauz prioritizes recognition as a cornerstone of employee engagement and a healthy workplace culture.


The ROI of Employee Recognition

Using engagement statistics provided by the HR industry, we can deduce a fairly accurate estimation of the expected cost saving by an organization when implementing an Employee Engagement Program.

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Reinforce Appreciation with Points & Badges

Recognizing employees with optional Applauz incentives enhances your program with an aspirational rewards marketplace and custom perks. Incorporating points and badges can boost participation and foster a culture of appreciation.


Recognize With Badges

Customize your program Badges to align with your company's brand, values, and culture for impactful recognition, reinforcing positive actions and desired behavior.

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Recognize with Points

Points are the currency of recognition and an investment in employee motivation and loyalty. Recognizing with Points adds the power of the Applauz Marketplace to your program.

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Earned Rewards

Promote Happiness and Loyalty Through Rewards

Enhance the recognition experience with redeemable employee rewards. Let employees use their earned badges and points to redeem valuable merchandise and unlock custom company perks.


Rewards Marketplace

Employees redeem their earned Points for valuable merchandise, travel experiences, gift cards, and more. With over 30,000 items available for redemption, the Rewards Marketplace offers options for everyone.

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Recognition Starter - Perks

Custom Perks

Custom Perks allows you to personalize employee rewards to reflect your brand and company culture, offering options such as temporary access to the boss' parking spot or complimentary company lunches.

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Recognition Reports

Monitor Recognition Company-Wide

Gain actionable insights into your recognition efforts.

Access comprehensive, real-time analytics to analyze employee engagement in your recognition program effortlessly. Gain detailed insights on program activities, including posts, comments, awarded points, badges, and more.

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