Data Helps Drive The Employee Experience

Measure, adapt, and grow your program with powerful dashboards and reports.

See the bigger picture

Gain real-time, unbiased insights into your people and culture, helping you better direct and drive your organizational goals and values.

Applauz provides meaningful analytics connecting every element of your employee engagement program to give you the bigger picture.


Drill Down & Track Engagement at Every Level

Validate your people strategies. Help your teams perform at their best.

Company Activity

Gain a 360 view of all the great work going on in your company. View the history of all the employee activity on the platform – newsfeed posts, recognitions, and comments.

Most importantly, see how these actions change over time. So you can easily stay on top of the performance of your recognition program.


Engagement Leaderboards

With leaderboards, you know who your top program participants are. Leaderboards show you exactly which managers and employees are most involved with the program.

Watch the leaderboards change as more people get involved with the program. So you can also recognize your top performers!


Pulse Survey Data

Move quickly past the data and take action! Pulse Survey responses are distilled into easy-to-read dashboards.

These reports show how happy employees are at work and also how their satisfaction changes over time. But most importantly, which area of your employee experience needs urgent attention.


View Poll History

Use Polls to get instant feedback on anything. Polls reports help you view your company's Poll history in one place.

See all the responses from previous Polls at a glance. Use these insights to inform your engagement tactics and keep your program growing in the right direction.


Goal Tracking

Get a snapshot of the usage of Applauz Goals. Identify which managers set the most goals and how many goals were met.

Compare team goals and success metrics and get a real feel for how success is being achieved in your organization.


Learn more on how you can use Applauz Reports

Read more about how reports on Applauz help HR and company managers understand their teams as well as help drive and support organizational goals and values.

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How Reports Helps You Understand the Health of Your Applauz Program

The Culture Report

The “Culture Score” and “Culture Rating System” are key dashboards within Applauz Reports. They help you understand if your workforce is engaged and using Applauz to its fullest potential. And the Ratings Dashboard categorizes your employees into three groups based on their participation. Use it to…

  1. Identify employees who are the most engaged and those who need to up their efforts — including managers!
  2. Identify which teams are the most (or least) active within the program.

360 View of Points

The points and redemptions dashboard is a fun and visual way to view a snapshot of the recognition points awarded and redeemed across your company.

Use this information to paint a complete picture of the value of your points investment and help plan your budget accordingly.


Build an Extraordinary Workplace

Discover how Applauz can help you engage and motivate your employees.

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