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Boost Productivity, and Lower Turnover with Engagement

Level up your workplace culture with Recognition, Rewards, Pulse Surveys, and Goals.

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Build A Value-Focused Culture

Engagement Essentials provides all the tools needed to cultivate a thriving company culture.

Upgrade your workplace with Starter package features, plus Pulse Surveys and Employee Goals. Engagement Essentials equips you with all the tools to transform company culture, boost morale, and foster meaningful workplace connections.

Tools for Cultivating Company Values:

Stay up to date with the Workplace Hub.

Amplify company culture via Newsfeed.

Appreciate both individual & team efforts with Recognition.

Simplify and streamline birthdays and work Anniversaries.

Pulse Surveys

Gain insight into your employees’ sentiment

Pulse Surveys help you unlock the full potential of your HR strategies.

Pulse Surveys drive continuous improvement by prioritizing employee feedback through continuous listening. They establish ongoing feedback loops, gathering confidential responses on crucial workplace topics.

The insights gathered serve as a guide to boosting career growth, fine-tuning engagement strategies, and customizing incentives to align with your employees' goals.



Inspire Your People
Every Day

Take employee engagement to the next level with inspirational challenges.

Utilize the Goals feature to continuously inspire and motivate employees to reach new heights across various personal and professional dimensions. Encourage goal completion by rewarding employees with recognition Badges and Points for meeting their objectives.

Whether it's wellness, personal growth, social interactions, or professional development, Goals help foster an aspirational environment that encourages employees to set and achieve meaningful objectives.

I liked the fact that [Applauz] offered a 4-in-1 platform. Not only allowing us to recognize years of service but also offering peer-to-peer recognition, pulse surveys, and goals and objectives. We wanted a platform that would allow us to add additional features as we continue to grow and evolve.


Paula Cowie

Director of Human Resources
KP Building Products


Celebrate Milestones and Achievements

Enhance your recognition program with Badge & Point Incentives

package_badge-incetivesBadge Incentives

Recognize and reward employees.

Reward employees who exemplify company values and meet their goals with redeemable badges. Badges are exchangeable for customized perks, reinforcing recognition and nurturing a culture of excellence.

Learn about Badge Incentives

package_point-incetivesPoint Incentives

In the language of gratitude, Points speak louder than words.

Applauz Points are your go-to currency for recognizing individual and team achievements, work milestones, birthdays, and beyond. Applauz even lets you motivate survey participation with Applauz Points. 

How you can use Point Incentives


Unlock Powerful
Employee Insights

Explore the dynamics of employee engagement with comprehensive Reports.

Uncover real-time, unbiased insights into your people and culture, empowering strategic alignment with your organizational goals and values. Applauz delivers actionable analytics that seamlessly connects every facet of your employee engagement program, providing a comprehensive overview.

Find out more about employee Analytics


Reward with Purpose

Applauz Marketplace - The power to create a lasting impression.

Foster a culture of celebration and recognition through a company rewards program. Explore over 30,000 products on the global Rewards Marketplace, where employees can exchange their Points for brand-name items, digital gift cards, travel, and experiences—all delivered with local free shipping in over 70 countries worldwide.

Learn more about the Marketplace


Hypercare at
Its Finest

Expert training and support for maximum impact.

Count on Applauz Engagement Specialists to assess your company's 'Culture State' and collaborate with you to develop a customized program aligned with your HR objectives.

Enjoy seamless program setup with your dedicated Engagement Specialist guiding you throughout the rollout. Access employee engagement specialists and expert advice to maximize your initiatives.

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