Enhance Your Recognition
Program with Points

Unlock the power of earned incentives and Peer-to-Peer Recognition.

Achieve your goals up to 5x faster!

Points are an optional feature that act as virtual currency for recognition. Employees recognize each other using points; when they collect enough of them, they can choose to redeem their points for rewards.

Rewards can be found in the form of Employee Perks or valuable merchandise available on the Rewards Marketplace.


Purchase Points
Anytime and In Any Denomination

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The Currency of Gratitude

Give employees the flexibility of choosing a reward they want.

Enable participants to award each other Points

Spread good vibes all around by letting your managers and employees recognize each other with Points for a job well done!

By purchasing a pre-set quantity of Points, you can allow employees to begin rewarding each other while staying within a budget.


Enhance employee celebrations with Auto-Points

Easily set a custom amount of points to be award on employee birthdays and work anniversaries. Unique point budgets can also be set per anniversary milestone if needed.

On their day of celebration, employees will receive recognition on the newsfeed with the budgeted points awarded.


Incentivize survey participation with Points

Offer an automatic reward to employees for completing their weekly Pulse Surveys.

Incentivizing your Pulse Surveys with Applauz Points helps you not only boost survey participation, but also decrease survey fatigue, improve the quality of data and obtain more accurate and complete results.

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Redeem Points for custom Employee Perks

Employee Perks lets you create unique rewards for your program. It can be anything you think employees would want to redeem their recognition points for—the sky’s the limit!

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Unlock the power of a Rewards Marketplace

The Rewards Marketplace offers a wide selection of over 3,500 products from more than 300 popular and quality name brands. Employees can use their earned Applauz Points to redeem well-deserved gifts anytime!

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