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Vouchers or Points: What’s the Perfect Gifting Program for Your Organization?

Published: November 9, 2023

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By: Sandro Mezzacappa

Employee Gifting with Vouchers vs Points

Discover the perfect gifting program for your organization with Applauz! Choose between vouchers or points to celebrate employee achievements, milestones, and work anniversaries.

Gifting With Vouchers

Use vouchers to easily celebrate an employee's years of service, from 1 to 50 years, or any time in between. It's great for companies that want to recognize employee achievements or give gifts to customers, too. You'll get extra help setting up the program, and we'll customize it to suit your needs.

Ideal for companies that:

Seek to recognize employee achievements or work anniversaries.

Prefer to exclude Gift Cards and Certificates as part of their reward options.

Are looking to provide non-taxable gifts for service awards.

Desire to issue one-time gifts to express gratitude to employees or customers.

Want to send personalized celebration messages to employees by SMS.

Intend to celebrate employee service awards on specific milestones.


  • Celebrate Employee Service, Achievements, and Personal Milestones:
    Effortlessly recognize employee service, achievements, and life milestones. Elevate team engagement by commemorating pivotal moments in their professional and personal journey.
  • Automated Service Awards Celebration:
    Choose the years you want to celebrate and allocate a budget for each. Personalize the messages per year or per employee. Let the automations do the rest, ensuring no important date is forgotten!
  • Personalized Email and SMS messages:
    Delight your team with personalized Email or SMS messages, turning each recognition into a powerful and meaningful celebration of their achievements.
  • Personalized Celebration Options:
    Craft celebrations that authentically represent your brand and team identity with our user-friendly yet robust customization tools.
  • Downloadable & Printable Certificates:
    Empower your employees with tangible recognition by easily downloading and printing certificates, transforming their dedicated service into a tangible symbol of appreciation.
  • Curated Employee Gifts Marketplace:
    Employees access a limited-time rewards marketplace as part of their modern gifting experience. Let them redeem the gift of their choice from an expertly curated selection of items at the value of their voucher.
  • Ninety-Day Claim Period:
    Provide the time needed to review and select the perfect gift with a ninety-day claim period. After 90 days, the voucher can be reactivated or credited for another award.
  • Single-Use Gift Voucher:
    Employees receive a single-use digital voucher, enabling them to shop and redeem a gift from the marketplace, which features items matching the voucher’s value.
  • No Near-Cash Rewards:
    Offer employees exclusive non-monetary recognition, with a reward selection of gifts from renowned brands like Apple, Under Armor, KitchenAid, The North Face, and hundreds more.
  • Milestone Customization Feature:
    Tailor recognition with the Milestone Customization Feature, personalizing the Service Awards experience for unique achievements and milestones.
  • Automated Program Invoicing:
    Simplify your financial processes with Automated Program Invoicing, ensuring seamless and efficient billing management.
  • Instant Gifting - To Anyone, Anywhere:
    Instantly thank employees and loyal customers, Spot Gifting provides your program with the option for real-time, spontaneous appreciation. Easily send, track, and automate your gift-giving efforts.
  • Basic Customer Support:
    Enjoy 30-day white-glove program support services and after-sales support, including employee setup and program implementation.

Gifting With Points

Continuously celebrate the important anniversaries in your employee’s work-life! Gifting with points allows you to commemorate work anniversaries and birthdays every year, ensuring a continuous recognition strategy. Employees enjoy the flexibility of accumulating, topping up, and redeeming multiple gifts in an enhanced marketplace that includes thousands of reward options ranging from merchandise, gift cards, event tickets, charitable donations, and travel experiences.

Ideal for companies that:

Want to recognize employee work anniversaries or birthdays every year.

Need more flexibility and frequency in their gifting strategy.

Wish to offer gift cards, experiences, and donations as part of their program options.

Desire to expand on the traditional years of service celebrations.

Prefer to keep the rewards marketplace accessible to employees year-round.

Intend to enable employees to purchase additional points, expanding the range of available reward options.


  • Customizable Default Email Messages:
    Delight your team by crafting personalized Email messages, turning each recognition into a powerful and meaningful celebration of their length of service.
  • Global Rewards Marketplace:
    Give employees year-round access to the enhanced global rewards marketplace. Allow them to redeem their points for unique gifts from over 40,000 in-stock items. Access retail merchandise, gift cards, travel experiences, concert tickets & even charitable donations.
  • Continuous Program Access:
    There is no limited-time window for redeeming gifts. Employees can choose to redeem their points at any time.
  • Personalized Celebration Options:
    Craft celebrations that authentically represent your brand and team identity with our user-friendly yet robust customization tools.
  • Automated Annual Work Anniversary and Employee Birthday Celebrations:
    Elevate your employee celebrations with rewards delivered through automated workflows and tailor celebration messages for each occasion.
  • Points Allocation Control:
    Customize the Reward Points offered for each celebration event according to your program budget and preferences.
  • Employee Top-Ups Option:
    Enhance your Service Awards program with the Points Top-Up feature, expanding gift options and enabling employees to redeem items within their budget preferences.
  • Enhanced Customer Support:
    Full account onboarding, training, and white-glove support including customization, program personalization, and implementation. Enjoy a 90-day post-launch hypercare period, plus on-demand retraining and consulting with an Engagement Expert.

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