Support Recognition with Unique Rewards

Supplement your recognition program with custom rewards created by you.

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Give awesome
rewards on any budget

Applauz Perks are customizable rewards created by you that your employees can redeem using Applauz Points.

Perks can be as simple as an afternoon off, company swag, or gift cards to local businesses. You know your teams best; use Perks to offer meaningful rewards that suit your budget and that your employees will truly enjoy.

About Applauz Points


Create custom Perks fast

You can create a new Perk in just a few clicks. Perks give you total flexibility when deciding:

  • What to offer (experience or product).
  • How much it's worth in Points.
  • How long it will be available or how many units are available.

When an employee redeems a Perk, the manager responsible will automatically be notified in order to fulfil the request.


Create a Customized Reward Experience!

Give employees rewards they'll truly enjoy.

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