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Applauz's Company Poll feature helps you gather employee feedback on anything, from adjusting the office temperature to finding the best time to organize company social activities. 

Use Poll results to gain valuable insights on how to improve your work environment, gauge employee sentiment to new policies and company initiatives, and create a clear consensus among your employees.

Asking for regular employee feedback contributes to employee engagement and company culture by fostering a sense of community and belonging. Employees who feel their voices are heard are more likely to perform better and be more loyal to your company.

Benefits of using Polls

  • Response rate data incorporated into your engagement reports
  • Offers insights into the state of employee engagement in your business
  • Easily organize workplace activities that everyone will enjoy
  • Support company culture appreciation
  • Make employees opinions feel heard and valued

Key characteristics of Polls

  • Polls can be sent to the entire company
  • Polls can also be targeted to specific Departments or Teams
  • Active Polls are displayed on the Newsfeed
  • Results can be hidden from employees (i.e. answered anonymously)
  • You can provide up to 10 multiple choice answers
  • Response rate data is gathered 
  • Expired Polls and responses are saved and accessible under Reports>Polls&Surveys

Who Can Create a New Poll

Polls are a great way to increase communication and give teams a voice.

That's why every role on Applauz (i.e the program Administrator, Managers, and Employees) have access to create a new Poll!

How to Launch a New Poll 

Just click on the “Create a New Poll” button found on the right panel of the Newsfeed. 


A Poll modal will pop up on the screen. 

You can select specific Teams or Departments you wish to send the Poll to. Or you can send the Poll to the entire company by leaving it blank.


Write your Poll name, question, choice of answers, and enter how long your Poll will run.

If your Poll requires more than the two answers, select the + symbol below your answers as such:

Once you’re done, click on the “Create a new Poll” button to finalize it.

How will participants know about the Poll?

Once a new poll is created, the participants you've targeted will receive an automatic notification email.

The Poll will also appear in the Applauz application as well. So the next time the employees log into Applauz, they will see the Poll, by default, at the top of the Newsfeed until it expires.

Note: If you need ideas or inspiration for Poll questions, check out our easy guide to using Polls on Applauz.

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