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The Applauz Employee Newsfeed

published: April 1, 2019

The Newsfeed is where all the action happens on your Applauz Program. It's also is the home page of the platform.

Similar to a social media platform, the Newsfeed is where all participants can share their thoughts, announcements, and post official recognition messages. Posts are visible to everyone.

Think of it as your company’s employee engagement “town square,” where all social and professional interactions happen.

Let’s explore the Newsfeed a little more, so you can maximize the value of your recognition program!

Characteristics of the Newsfeed

When you log into Applauz, the first thing you see is the Newsfeed and all the messages posted to the Newsfeed, with the most recent ones at the very top.

It’ll look something like this:


The Employee Profile card

On the left panel, you’ll find your employee profile card.

The card gives you a quick snapshot of the status of your profile with the following information:

  • Total Points earned
  • Total Recognition received
  • Badges earned


Pro Tip: If you click on the number of Points, Recognition or Badges earned will filter the Newsfeed to show the posts relevant to the selected statistic.

The Workplace Card

The Workplace Card is located to the right of the Newsfeed. This is where you'll find a global snapshot of the statistics associated with your Recognition Program, such as:

  • Total Points awarded
  • Total Recognition messages given
  • Total Badges awarded
  • The Top 3 participants over the last 30 days are also showcased at the bottom of the card


Functionalities of the Newsfeed

In the center of the Newsfeed page, you will find the post composer and the main feed. This is where all participants can take the following actions:

Creating a new post

On the Applauz Newsfeed you can create two types of posts:

  • Recognition posts
  • Announcement posts

At the top of the post composer, you’ll see both options.


Click on ‘Recognition’ if you’re offering official recognition, and click on ‘Post’ if you simply wish to make an announcement.

General Announcements Posts

Keep your workforce informed of important events and updates by posting an announcement post to the Newsfeed.

Every participant has permission to create a new announcement post. The post can be sent to the entire company or targeted to specific Departments or Teams.

You have the option to send an automatic notification to the selected participants by email. Otherwise, the participants will see the post at the top of their feed the next time they sign into Applauz.


Note: If needed, you can also edit (within a 5-minute limit) or delete your posts.

You can even attach photos and GIFS if you want to liven up the posts and make them either eye-catching or even more personalized.

Employee Recognition Posts

Recognition posts are the driving force of your Recognition Program.

That's why every program participant has permission and should be encouraged to offer regular recognition to their peers. 

With the post composer, you can offer official recognition to a particular Employee, or to specific Departments, or Teams. 

Note: Recognition Posts are distinguished with a teal coloured bar.


Pro Tip: For the greatest impact, we recommend taking your message to the next level with a Recognition Badge (which are free) or Applauz Points.

Automated Newsfeed Functionalities

The Applauz Platform automates certain posts. This helps managers and teams stay up to date on the most important company events, announcements, and milestones.

Note: Program Administrators can enable this feature in Program>Settings.

Birthday Posts

Applauz can automatically announce and celebrate birthdays on the Newsfeed. 


Work Anniversary Posts

Applauz can also automatically post and announce work anniversaries. The post is published on the designated ‘hire date’ in the employee’s profile information.


New Company Poll

If any participants creates a new Company Poll, an automatic announcement post will pop up on the Newsfeed. It looks like this:


Note: Automated event posts are distinguished with a yellow bar.

Engaging with the Applauz Newsfeed

Every participant on Applauz can engage with posts on the Applauz Newsfeed in various ways. 

Reacting to a post

Anyone can respond to a post by reacting using one of the available reactions.


From left to right the options are:

  • Like
  • Great Job
  • Congratulate
  • High Five!

Commenting on a post

Anyone can comment on posts in the Newsfeed. After commenting there is a 5-minute time limit for editing any mistakes.