How to Launch a Company Poll on Applauz

Learn how to launch a company Poll.

Applauz's Company Poll feature helps you gather employee feedback on anything, from adjusting the office temperature to finding the best time to organize company social activities. 

Who Can Create a New Poll

Polls are a great way to increase communication and give teams a voice.

That's why every role on Applauz (i.e the program Administrator, Managers, and Employees) has access to create a new Poll!

How to Launch a New Poll 

Just click on the “Create a New Poll” button found on the right panel of the Newsfeed. 

A Poll modal will pop up on the screen. 

You can select specific Teams or Departments you wish to send the Poll to. Or you can send the Poll to the entire company by leaving it blank.

Write your Poll name, question, and choice of answers, and enter how long your Poll will run.

If your Poll requires more than two answers, select the + symbol below your answers as such:

Once you’re done, click on the “Create a new Poll” button to finalize it.


How will participants know about the Poll?

Once a new poll is created, the participants you've targeted will receive an automatic notification email.

The Poll will also appear in the Applauz application as well. So the next time the employees log into Applauz, they will see the Poll, by default, at the top of the Newsfeed until it expires.

Tip: If you need ideas or inspiration for Poll questions, check out our easy guide to using Polls on Applauz.