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Pulse Sequence

My work schedule offers enough flexibility to persue other meaningful things in my life.

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all survey answers are anonymous

Easy Process. Fast Results.

Free up your time — Applauz sends and collects survey questions and data for you.

Weekly surveys

Each week, employees receive a new Pulse Survey that takes less than 2 minutes to respond. Answers are collected 100% anonymously to encourage honest feedback.

Each survey covers a specific area of employee engagement—also known as a theme, such as 'Diversity & Belonging' and 'Wellness & Balance.'

Boost survey participation by incentivizing with Applauz Points


& take action!

Applauz takes responses to the surveys and simplifies them into clean & easy-to-read dashboards.

Reports reveal how satisfied employees are at work. But more importantly, how their satisfaction changes over time, and which themes require your immediate attention.

These powerful insights allow leaders to be more strategic in putting their resources in the right places.


Learn More About Pulse Survey Reports

Understand what employees need from your business to be happy.

Learn about Pulse Survey Reports

Pulse Survey Themes

Leave no area of employee engagement in the dark.


Employee Sentiment

Get to the root of how your employees feel about working in your organization. Find out if your employees feel proud and valued.


Career Growth

Understand if employees see a future for themselves in your business, and if their professional goals are being supported.



Understand how employees feel about the leaders of your organizations. Reveal where management is falling short. 


Diversity & Belonging

Assess how good your business is at respecting and treating every member of your organization fairly and equally.


Wellness & Balance

Stay tuned into the mental well-being of your staff. Understand if work-related stress is impacting other areas of their life.


Recognition & Rewards

Discover if employees are feeling unappreciated and lacking meaningful recognition from their leaders.


Mission & Purpose

Understand if your cultural values resonate with staff. Assess if your workforce feels united over the organization's mission.


Goals & Alignment

Reveal if employees understand what is expected of them and assess how management is helping, or not.


Autonomy & Empowerment

Assess how employees feel about the level of freedom and ownership they have over their responsibilities and work.


Benefits & Compensation

Understand how your employees feel about their compensation—is it fair and would they leave for greater compensation.

Build an Extraordinary Workplace

Discover how Applauz can help you engage and motivate your employees.

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