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Build a People-First Work Culture

Recognition and appreciation are the foundation of healthy work environments.

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Promote a Connected & Engaged Workforce


The Newsfeed is a social tool and a centralized hub for employees to connect and engage with each other. Anyone can easily communicate important announcements to everyone! Add personality and life to a post with emojis, GIFs, or images.

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Employees can easily engage with the community and individual colleagues by reacting to posts. "Liking" or "high-fiving" a post, can quickly demonstrate support for peers. This type of engagement builds an environment of mutual appreciation on every level, ultimately driving team satisfaction and employee engagement.

Employees can take their engagement a step further and write personalized replies and comments on any post. When employees engage and support each other's successes, it cultivates a positive environment of collaboration and trust.

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Build a Strong Culture Through Appreciation & Praise

Reward Points

The Applauz Newsfeed allows employees to publicly recognize each other for their achievements. This fosters trust, collaboration, and teamwork. Helping teams cultivate meaningful and respectful relationships. Peer recognition can also help managers spot great work being done “behind the scenes” they would otherwise have never seen.

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Boost and personalize a message of recognition or praise with a Recognition Badge. Anyone can award these personalized Badges. Use them to celebrate employee determination, dedication, or any other actions that support your organization's values and mission!

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When employees go the extra mile, employees can add even more value to a recognition message by awarding Applauz Points. Points are accumulated over time and redeemed for tangible gifts from the Rewards Marketplace. Points can also be exchanged for custom Company Perks.

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How Applauz Drives Employee Engagement

Giving recognition is effortless with Applauz.


Company Newsfeed

Keep your staff engaged on the Applauz Newsfeed—a dedicated space for employees to stay connected. Employees can give recognition, award Badges and give Points. Or simply make an announcement or comment on company events and cultural happenings.


Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Peer-to-Peer recognition allows everyone in your organization to publicly (or privately) exchange words of appreciation. Managers can offer praise to employees. And coworkers can give each other words of appreciation. With Peer-to-Peer recognition, everyone experiences the power of gratitude at work. 


Company Polls

Create custom company Polls or let employees create their own and ask the questions. Get instant feedback on anything from what everyone wants to eat for lunch on Friday to what colour to paint the office walls.


Employee Event Reminders

Never miss an employee's upcoming birthday or service anniversary. Set Applauz to automatically send you notification emails of any important employee occasions and choose to celebrate it with the entire team.



Badges make recognition more personal and dynamic. Anyone can attach a pre-set Badge to a recognition message. Managers and peers can let each other know exactly how they make a difference. You can even create custom Badges to better reflect your company's values. 


Engagement & Culture Reports

HR teams and managers can easily see how your program is doing—no confusing charts or data entry required. Reports feature dashboards displaying all the vital statistics you need. So you (and your managers) can understand precisely how employees are engaging with the program.



Create an employee reward program on any budget. Applauz Perks are customizable rewards created by you. Perks can be as simple as an afternoon off, company swag, or gift cards. With Perks, the sky's the limit!


Applauz Integrations

Applauz connects with some of your favourite HR and communications tools (ADP, BambooHR, and Slack ), making your engagement program easy and efficient to manage.

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Service Awards Program

Easily automate your company's Service Awards Program. Participants celebrating work anniversaries will automatically receive an email congratulating them on their loyalty with a Gift-Voucher for them to redeem on the Applauz Marketplace.

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Applauz Rewards Marketplace features over 300 popular brands, offering more than 3,500 gifts to redeem. In most cases, gifts are shipped with tracking within 2 business days.

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Build an Extraordinary Workplace

Applauz helps companies recognize and reward employees.

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