Pulse Survey Reports

Learn exactly how to engage and motivate employees.

Actionable analytics

Applauz helps you understand the impact your company has on its people. Reports surface critical employee engagement challenges and opportunities for improvement across teams and demographics through:

  • Results by themes and questions
  • Overall Employee Engagement Score
  • Survey Response Rate
  • Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)
  • Themes and questions with the greatest changes

Measure employee loyalty with (eNPS)

Using this gold-standard metric, you will know if employees are actively promoting your business.

Learn how eNPS works

Put your resources in the right places

Reports show exactly which areas of the employee experience need your attention.

Filter by theme

Reports drill down to help you understand which areas of employee engagement are strong in your organization, and which require attention.

  • Overall score per theme
  • Themes that are doing well VS themes that require your attention

Filter by question

You can access detailed results by viewing response breakdowns for every survey question asked.

  • Score per question
  • Score Timeline
  • Response Breakdown
  • Participation Rate

Filter by group

Employee engagement can vary from group to group. Reports help identify which groups show the strongest levels of engagement, and the lowest. Let the stand-out groups set an example for the rest of the organization.

Note: To keep response anonymity, only groups of three or more participants can be filtered.


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