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Employee Service Awards Platform

Celebrate employee anniversaries by offering meaningful gifts.


Applauz helps you create the Perfect Experience

Dedicated account services and customer support.

Recognize employee length of service from 1 year to 50 years and everything in between.

Applauz provides a hassle-free, white-glove program setup. Team up with a dedicated account manager to ensure employees have a personalized, engaging, work anniversary experience.

Offer your employees the gift of choice!

3,000 items to redeem from some of today’s most popular brands!

Applauz provides a fun and modern loyalty gifting experience. Employees redeem their Gift Voucher on their work anniversaries and go shopping for their favourite gifts available on your program's rewards marketplace.

About the Rewards Marketplace


Find out how we can help you offer a memorable service awards program to your employees.

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How it Works



Choose Milestones

Select the desired milestones you wish to celebrate and offer a gift for.

Add custom milestones to celebrate the "in-between years" like a 3 & 4-year milestone, which has become popular for today's modern workforce, due to employee tenure decrease in the past few years.


Set Budget

Control the dollar amount you spend at each anniversary milestone.

The value you choose for every year of service milestone is a portion of the total budget you’ve allocated for your anniversary program.



Schedule Anniversaries

Applauz takes care of scheduling celebrations instantly!

Gift-Vouchers are automatically assigned and scheduled to be sent by email on the employee’s upcoming work anniversary. You also have the flexibility to deselect any celebrations you wish to exclude for the program.


Personalize Celebrations

Giving your anniversary celebrations a personal touch adds to the perceived value of your program.

Customize the employee experience by adding your company logo, personalizing messages, and including images as part of your program.



Activate Program

Stocked with over 3,000 items from some of today’s most popular brands!

Once you activate your program, employees will begin to receive their celebration emails on the set dates. The celebration emails link directly to the Applauz Marketplace, where employees can shop for their anniversary gift.

About the Rewards Marketplace

Why Every Company Needs a Modern Service Awards Program

Drive long-term employee loyalty at your company.

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Program Features

What Applauz Service Awards Provides


Automated Program Reminders

Easily manage your entire program and stay organized and on top of approaching employee service anniversaries.


Downloadable & Printable Certificates

Offer employees a personalized certificate along with their gift. Certificates can be printed and framed to truly commemorate the occasion.


Customizable Program Messages & Rewards

A personalized message is the key to ensuring your employees feel genuinely appreciated. Make work anniversaries special by tailoring your celebration messages.


Detailed Program Invoicing

Easily keep track of purchases and stay on budget with Detailed Program Invoicing. Make the administration of your Service Awards an absolute breeze.


Gifts Delivered to Home
or Office

Orders are  shipped within 48 hrs to your directly to your employee’s home or office.


Thousands of Gift Items Available

Applauz Marketplace has over 3,000 popular brands, offering more than 4,000 gifts to redeem. Gifts shipped with tracking within 2 business days.

You take care of your team. We take care of your gifts.

Offer Trusted Brands as part of your service awards program.

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Find out how we can help you create a memorable experience for every employee anniversary!

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