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Service Awards Program

Applauz Service Awards offers a quick and hassle-free way to recognize Employee loyalty and celebrate their positive contribution to your business.

Express Gratitude With Personalized Rewards 

The power of appreciation goes a long way to drive long-term employee loyalty. A Service Awards Program guarantees every employee feels individually recognized and appreciated. Not only for their daily accomplishments, but for their overall loyalty as well. 


  • Forgetting a work anniversary can elicit negative feelings
  • Recognizing employee loyalty boosts employee satisfaction
  • Happy employees that feel appreciated are more engaged at work

Why Every Company Needs a Modern Service Awards Program

Drive long-term employee loyalty at your company

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How it Works

  Select Milestones
  Set Values
  Schedule Celebrations
  Say Thank You
  Shop Rewards

Selecting Milestones

Select the desired milestones you wish to celebrate and offer a gift for.

Add custom milestones to celebrate the "in-between years" like a 3 & 4-year milestone, which has become popular for today's modern workforce, due to employee tenure decrease in the past few years. 

Don't hesitate to also show your employees appreciation in between official milestones as well with smaller gifts like a card or even verbal recognition. 


Set Milestone Values

Set a value for the gift-voucher associated to each Milestone you previously selected.

This allows you to customize your Service Awards to best suit your company's budget, big or small.

Once a value is set, the amount of products available at that price point will be displayed. Click the link to preview them.



Schedule Celebrations

The system automatically selects all participants who will be celebrating a work anniversary.

Deselect any scheduled anniversaries you wish to exclude from the program. The vouchers can then be paid for all at once or on a month by month basis.

Note: Individual milestone vouchers, or spot gifting vouchers can be purchased at any time.


Send Thank You Message

On their Work Anniversary (or chosen date), employees receive an email to congratulate them. 

A default message has been prepared for all Milestone celebrations but you can customize the message for individual employees if you wish to personalize the experience further.

This email will also include the Gift-Voucher allowing them to shop for their reward on the Marketplace.



Shop The Rewards

Using their Gift-Voucher, employees will be able to shop for a reward among various products at their milestone price range.

The employees wont see any prices, so they can focus on selecting a reward that gives them joy. 

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Learn more about how Applauz Service Awards could work for your organization.

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Added Features

What Applauz Service Awards Provides


Auto-Schedule Wizard

Never miss an employee milestone with the Auto-Schedule Wizard. Simply set the milestones you wish to celebrate and the system will take care of reminding you.


Printable Certificates

Offer a tangible reminder of your employee's loyalty and contribution with a personalized certificate that your employees can proudly display at work or at home.


Customizable Messages

Personalize the gift-giving experience with a customizable message attached to every gift. Let each employee know exactly why they make a difference in your team. 


Detailed Program Invoicing

Easily keep track of purchases and stay on budget with Detailed Program Invoicing. Make the administration of your Service Awards an absolute breeze.


Spot Gifting

Spontaneous gifts feel the most genuine. Spot Gifting allows managers to reward employees outside of their official milestones, so employees feel genuinely appreciated.


Modern Curated Marketplace

With over 3,500 products from more than 300 of the most popular brands, employees can use their well-deserved Applauz Voucher to purchase a personalized gift for their work anniversary!