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Michelle Cadieux

recognition obstacles in the workplace
9 Obstacles to Growing Appreciation at Work (And How to Overcome Them)

For many companies, roadblocks come up when trying to grow appreciation at work. Here are a few strategies to overcome these common challenges.

Employee Recognition  

  8 min read

engaged customer service employees
6 Research-Based Ideas to Engage Employees When Your Industry Isn’t Sexy

Employee engagement strategies can used in less glamorous industries, such as customer service, manufacturing, and retail. Here are some ideas!

Employee Engagement  

  7 min read

most popular articles from Applauz
Applauz’s Most Read Articles of 2021

In 2021, Applauz received thousands of readers eager to learn about engagement, retention, and recognition among other topics.

  4 min read

How to Support Employee Autonomy and Boost Happiness in Your Company

Employee autonomy is so much more than flexible hours. There are many different examples of employee autonomy in the workplace. Here's how to apply them!

Management   Employee Engagement  

  9 min read

A Step-By-Step Guide to Plan an Employee Recognition and Rewards Strategy

Planning an employee recognition and rewards strategy is a critical step to growing appreciation at work. Here is a step-by-step guide to start your plan!

Employee Recognition   HR Strategy  

  8 min read

8 Simple Tips To Boost Your Applauz Program’s Adoption Rate

Are some employees slow to adopt Applauz? Don't worry. Here are some proven tips to help boost adoption and get people excited about recognition!

Product   HR Strategy  

  7 min read

Success Story: BlueStone Properties

A look at how this Ontario-based property management company uses Applauz and peer recognition to keep employees happy, connected, and engaged!

Success Stories  

  2 min read

Applauz Book Club: Insights from Google That Will Transform Your HR Practices

In this edition of Applauz Book Club, we explore the book Work Rules! and what Google can teach us about HR strategy and attracting top talent.

Book Club   HR Strategy  

  12 min read

11 Research-Based Practices to Help Reduce Stress and Boost Well-being at Work

Dealing with stress at work? This article offers ideas on how to reduce stress at work so you (and your employees) can be happier and more productive.

Management   Company Culture  

  11 min read

6 Tips to Help Automate Your Applauz Program for Easy Management

Learn how Applauz administrators can manage their recognition program more effectively by including these automatons. 


  3 min read

7 Signs of a Troubled Company Culture (And What to Do About It)

Is your work culture toxic and harming employees' well-being? Here are a few signs, as well as actions you can take to get your culture back on track.

Company Culture  

  10 min read

18 Thought Leaders Who Will Inspire Your HR and Management Strategies

Looking for a fresh perspective for your HR and people strategies? You can find inspiration from some of these experts and industry leaders.

HR Strategy  

  8 min read

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