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Applauz is Selected as Finalist for the Top 50 Inspiring Workplaces Awards

Published: March 30, 2023

Last Updated: May 31, 2023

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By: Michelle Cadieux

Inspiring workplaces nomination 2023

Applauz is officially a finalist in the 2023 North American Inspiring Workplaces Awards.

Montreal, Quebec, March 28, 2023 - Applauz has been named a finalist in the 2023 Top 50 North American Inspiring Workplaces Awards!

Inspiring Workplaces judges participating companies on six key elements—the elements believed to be crucial for creating an inspiring workplace. 

They are:

  • Culture and Purpose
  • Leadership
  • Wellbeing
  • Inclusion & Diversity
  • Communication
  • Employee Experience

The finalists have been selected by an independent panel of expert judges who have given their time and expertise for free. Other North American finalists include Anheuser-Busch, Federal Reserve Bank of NY, Union Pacific and Verizon.

Applauz has been a finalist in the Inspiring Workplace Awards in previous years. In 2019, Applauz took home the award for Best Use of Technology in Employee Engagement. And in 2021, Applauz was also selected as a North American finalist. 

François Fortier, CEO and founder of Applauz, had a few words to say about the nomination:

"Being nominated again by Inspiring Workplaces is extremely humbling. We are an HR tech company selling employee engagement tools, but our leadership also lives by these values. This nomination is a testament to the investment we've put into our employees and the effort we've put into making Applauz a great place to work."

About Inspiring Workplace Awards

Headquartered in the UK and operating in North America, Africa and Australasia, Inspiring Workplaces™ believes in recognizing and shaping the new, forward-thinking organizations of the future. By shedding light on these innovative workplaces, Inspiring Workplaces helps to encourage positive change in workplaces and provides a source of inspiration and education for those who seek it.

About Applauz

Applauz is an award-winning employee engagement and recognition platform founded by Francois Fortier. Our tools enable HR professionals to build and support strong company cultures—no matter where their employees work.

Using Peer-to-Peer Recognition, Pulse Surveys, Employee Goals, and milestone rewards, Applauz can help your business cultivate a culture of engagement and appreciation. It's more than just software; our mission is to make work a happier place.

Existing clients include Sodexo and 1800-GOT-Junk, amongst other well-known global brands.

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