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Success Story: Supportive Community Innovations

Published: May 4, 2021

Last Updated: November 2, 2023

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By: Michelle Cadieux

A look at how this mental health care company is using Applauz to keep employees connected and engaged.

Company name: Supportive Community Innovations

Industry: Education / Disability Service

About: Supportive Community provides a variety of support services and therapies to children and adults who experience autism and/or other intellectual/developmental differences

Headquarters: Bloomington, IN (U.S.A)

Applauz participants: Under 200 Employees

Supportive Community Innovations is a mental health care center based out of Bloomington, Indiana. They provide therapies and support services to children and adults who experience autism and other intellectual or developmental differences. One of their main company goals is to offer these services in inclusive, natural environment settings.  

Supportive Community Innovations is equally dedicated to their customers' success as theirsupportivecommunity employees' success. Their goal as an employer is to cultivate and develop a diverse range of viable career development opportunities for professionals who engage their field from entry-level positions and everything in between.

Angela Taylor is the Executive Administrative Assistant at Supportive Community Innovations. She leads all human resources management duties. This includes recruiting and onboarding new hires and leading payroll and benefits management. Needless to say, Angela has her hands full!

Before implementing Applauz, Supportive Community Innovations did not have any methods or practices to support employee recognition or appreciation on a company-wide level. 

"We rarely find ourselves in the same space, and being able to engage and give recognition consistently was challenging."

Although the company rarely made time for formal employee recognition, they envisioned wanting to do it. 

They arrived at a place where they were finally ready to successfully implement a solid platform to promote employee appreciation and recognition. And since they were already using BambooHR, Applauz seemed like the natural choice as the systems integrate seamlessly.

A smooth launch

Angela decided to roll out Applauz to the entire workforce in one go. 

"The Applauz set-up was very smooth. Stephan was awesome from the start and answered all of our questions, and is still there when we need him."

The launch was a success for Supportive Community Innovations as their employees took to the software almost immediately. "Adoption happened right away! Our employees seemed very excited to be able to engage and recognize each other on Applauz."

Getting everyone involved

It wasn't just a success for the rollout; over time, the program has proven to be a long-term success among their teams.

"Most new employees will start using Applauz within 1-month of their hire date. And the majority of current employees are regularly using Applauz."

Angela confirms that Applauz has helped keep morale and engagement high among their team members.

Receiving recognition really "makes someone's day." Recognition is a small gesture that doesn't take much time commitment but has a significant impact.

The employees particularly love the company Newsfeed -- a central digital hub where they can recognize and support each other.

She also loves to have an oversight on the recognition coworkers are giving each other. It's a great way to keep a finger on the pulse of all the great work going on behind the scenes.

"The Newsfeed seems to be our employees' favourite! I love seeing all the thank yous and good jobs posted."

Start Your Employee Rewards & Recognition Program with Applauz Download PDF NowAngela's Takeaways

  • Applauz integration with BambooHR provided a simple and easy way to set up the program.
  • Applauz's account manager Stephan was available to help every step of the way. 
  • Once rolled out, employees started using the program almost immediately.
  • Employees love receiving recognition and connecting virtually on the Newsfeed.
  • Employee Perks are a great way to reward employees.

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