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    Pulse Surveys are a series of automated, scientifically-driven questions designed to help you understand how engaged your employees actually are.

    Questions are grouped thematically into topical areas which include, Employee Sentiment, Career Development, Diversity & Inclusion, and more.

    Pulse Surveys measure each and every aspect of Employee Engagement to help you realign corporate behaviours and practices accordingly.

    By understanding what your employees really want and expect from their job in terms of leadership, recognition, and rewards or career growth, your company can increase its bottom line in the long run.

    In this article, you will learn about how to use the Pulse Survey module from end to end. Feel free to skip to the section that is relevant to you.

    What we'll cover:

    PS_How-It-Works_AnalyzeWhy Use Pulse Surveys?

    • Immediate and completely anonymous employee engagement insight
    • Long-term employee engagement insight (reports)
    • Informs your engagement strategy and tactics
    • Increases employee sense of belonging
    • Improves company culture

    Pulse Survey questions evaluate every component of Employee Engagement

    Pulse Survey questions are grouped into themes. Each theme represents, and intends to measure, a critical component of employee engagement:PS_Survey-Reports_By-Theme

    1. Career Growth
    2. Leadership
    3. Diversity & Belonging
    4. Wellness & Balance
    5. Recognition & Rewards
    6. Mission & Purpose
    7. Goals & Alignment
    8. Autonomy & Empowerment
    9. Benefits & Compensation
    10. Team & Communication
    11. Safety & Security 
    12. Work & Performance
    13. eNPS

    Pulse Surveys are designed to leave no area of employee engagement in the dark.

    Pulse Surveys are ongoing throughout the calendar year and are repeated from time to time so that you can gain a better understanding of how employee sentiment changes over time.

    Pulse Survey answers are:

    • 100% anonymous
    • Actionable
    • Measurable

    Keeping Pulse Surveys anonymous is paramount to your employee engagement strategy’s success. It allows your employees to express feelings that they might not be comfortable enough to say face-to-face.


    PS_How-It-Works_Take-ActionHow to Configure Pulse Surveys

    To turn the Pulse Survey Module ON, navigate to the Program > Pulse Surveys.

    Note: By default, only Applauz Program Administrators have access to turn on Pulse Surveys.

    To turn Pulse Surveys on, click on "Configure Pulse Surveys."

    Once you click on Configure Pulse Surveys, you will land on the "Configuration" page. Here you have a global view of all the Pulse Survey themes and the related questions.

    Viewing Themes & Questions


    If you want to view the specific questions within each theme, simply click on the downwards facing arrow next to the theme.


    Doing this will allow you to view all the questions within that theme.  

    How to activate/deactivate questions or themes

    You can enable/disable specific questions or entire themes. To do so, click on "Customize."


    Here you can disable the entire theme by clicking the larger toggle button off. Or, you can disable singular questions by clicking off the smaller toggle next to each question.

    Once you've customized the Pulse Surveys to your liking, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save Changes" to go back to exit the customization menu.

    Then click "Next" to continue onto the next step.

    You will land on the confirmation page, detailing the following information:

    1. When surveys will be sent out
    2. How the theme questions will be asked 
    3. When to expect reports and results and how you will be notified

    When you're ready to launch your Pulse Surveys just click on "Turn ON Pulse Surveys."

    Adding your own custom themes & questions

    Applauz allows administrators to add their own custom themes and questions. The process is simple, just navigate to Program>Pulse Surveys. Here you will find the option to add a custom theme and/or questions.

    Don't worry, you can always edit, delete, or disable any of these themes or questions. 

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    PS_How-It-Works_SurveyHow Employees See Pulse Surveys

    Every week, there will be a new set of Pulse Survey questions being sent to participants. They will be notified in 2 ways:

    • The survey will appear on the Newsfeed, above the Post Composer
    • Notification emails will be sent on Mondays.


    On the Newsfeed, the employees will be able to answer their questions directly. By email, they will receive a call to action button. Clicking on this button will redirect the employee to a dedicated pulse page to answer the questions.

    What do the questions look like?

    Each week, survey questions are pushed to the employees (as described above) and will follow these conditions:

    1. Five total questions per week.
    2. A theme is chosen at random.
    3. Four questions from that theme are generated, also at random.
    4. The fifth question is an eNPS question, also chosen at random (only if the eNPS theme is enabled.)

    Note: Employees can skip a question. This will be counted as a “non-answer.”

    As long as they haven’t answered all of the five weekly questions, employees may also go back to the previous questions and change their answers. 

    Note: Employees can answer all the questions at once, or once per day. As long as they complete them before they expire at the end of the week.


    PS_Survey-Reports_OverallMeasuring Employee Engagement: Results Dashboards

    Once enough data is gathered to generate a report, the Program Administrator and Managers will receive an email notification! They will have access to the Pulse Survey dashboard.

    Note: if there isn't enough data accumulated, the panel will be grey and say “more data is needed to show statistics.”

    A high-level snapshot of the results

    The first panel is the overview of their company’s Pulse Surveys results. This panel is meant to give the administrator a quick view of the health of their company.

    Note: Scores are based on the designated time period. You can filter by preset periods (example, last week, last month, last 30 days, etc) or by a custom date.

    How each score is determined

    • Responses: This is the total response rate of the surveys with a breakdown of responses vs skipped questions for each month.
    • Overall Score: This high-level score is calculated as an average of the scores for ALL themes (excluding the eNPS). It's a good measure of the overall health of employee engagement in your organization.
      The related graph shows the change of this Overall Score over time by plotting the individual scores for each month.
    • Participation: This is the number of employees who answered, expressed as a percentage.
    • eNPS: This score is based on the eNPS questions being asked in each set of 5 questions to each employee.

    Note: eNPS is a method of measuring how willing your employees are to recommend their workplace to their family or friends.

    Which areas of employee engagement can be improved in your company?

    In the second panel, you can quickly see which themes (i.e. components of employee engagement) are strong in your organization.

    For example, perhaps your employees are very satisfied in terms of "recognition and rewards" but they are less satisfied in terms of "mission and purpose."

    • Green: Indicates that component of engagement is "doing good!"
    • Yellow: That component is good, but could use improvement. 
    • Red: That component of engagement needs improvement.

    Drilling down: Insights for each theme & questions

    Each card can be clicked on to access more insights for that theme.

    Note: These insights can help you understand why a particular theme "needs improvement."

    The panel which gives you an overview of an individual theme is similar to the Pulse Surveys overview above.  

    In this theme-specific report, you can gain a deeper understanding of how the questions (within that theme) are performing.

    These insights help you understand detailed results, such as:

    • Which specific questions are being skipped?
    • Which specific questions have a low answer rate.
    • Which specific questions yield low scores.
    • Which specific questions yield mixed results.

    As you can see, in the second panel, each question has an individual breakdown with the answer distribution, score, participation rate and score over time.

    Incentivizing Participation with Applauz Points

    Applauz allows administrators to incentivize participation by adding a Points reward.

    Employees can earn Points by completing their weekly surveys. You can use this function to boost employee participation and get the most accurate results possible.

    You can turn on Point Incentives at the Pulse Survey Settings. Navigate to Program>Pulse Surveys. 
    image (21)
    Once turned on, the Points will be given at the next Pulse Surveys sequence. And the number of Points an employee will receive after answering the surveys will be shown at the top-right corner of the Pulse Surveys questions and at the "thank you" slide at the end of the survey.
    image (17)

    image (19)

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