Exciting news! The Applauz mobile app is now officially available in the iOS app store and the Android Marketplace.

The Applauz mobile app boasts all the same recognition & reward functionalities as Applauz’s web-based platform. But now, you can recognize and reward your peers and workforce from the convenience of your mobile device.

Download the app on the iOS app store or the Android Marketplace.

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A Tour of the Applauz Mobile app

The default view on the mobile app is your Company’s Newsfeed

Mobile-Recognition (1)

Here you can quickly scroll through all peer recognitions, and general posts. Just like on the web platform, you can react to posts using emojis or add a comment. Those under the role of Manager on Applauz can also award employees with badges and/or points. 

Swipe your screen to the left to view the company page. Access workplace information, such as company logo, all-time recognitions & badges, and leader board featuring the employees with the most Recognitions, badges earned and points earned.Use the text field at the top of your screen to create a new post or to recognize your peers.

Alternatively, you can view this page by navigating "workplace" within the "More" menu located in the Feature menu.


Feature Menu

At the bottom of the home screen you will see a menu of the main features you can navigate to. Select "More" to view more options.




Rewards: The Applauz Marketplace & Company Perks

Just like on the web platform, if you are using Applauz Points, your employees will be able to redeem them either in the Applauz Marketplace or on Custom Company Perks right from their phone. 

Depending on your account settings, Employees will only see the redemption options available to them. Meaning, employees will only have access to the Marketplace if the company has it turned ON, and the same goes for Perks.




Your Personal Profile

The Applauz profile on the mobile app appears exactly the same as on the web platform.

You’ll be able to view your personal information, as well as make any changes if necessary.

Keep track of your Points and Recognitions so far, browse your Badge collection, and view the breakdown of your current culture score.




Creating or Answering Polls

If a Poll is launched and waiting to be answered, a red notification badge will appear on the menu. Answer Company Polls directly from the mobile app by navigating to "Polls" within  "More" located in the Feature Menu at the bottom of your screen. If there are multiple Polls, you can navigate through them using the left & right arrows at the top of the page.

If the company settings permit employees to create Company Polls, they will have the ability to do so on the mobile app as well.


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