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Applauz Rewards

Recognize with Points and let employees redeem valuable merchandise.

Two Ways to Reward & Recognize Employees

Combining reward options maximizes employee engagement.

Award Points to employees for a job well done. Points can be redeemed for popular brand-named products on the Applauz Marketplace or custom Company Perks created by you.

Celebrate important milestones and official work anniversaries with Applauz Service Awards by granting gift vouchers that can also be redeemed for popular brand-name products. 

Rewarding with Applauz Points

Recognize employees by awarding Points that can be redeemed for gifts on the Rewards Marketplace or for custom Company Perks.


Applauz Points 

Applauz offers your Employee Recognition Program the power of Points. Managers award Points to employees when they reach official work goals or to spontaneously thank them for a job well done. Points can be saved and then redeemed for rewards on the Applauz Marketplace or Company Perks.

Benefits of Applauz Points:

  • Program owners easily buy points at a 10:1 ratio (1$ = 10pts)
  • Employees can "top up" and buy Points to redeem gifts faster
  • Easy online shopping experience for employees
About Applauz Points

Rewards Marketplace

The Applauz Marketplace offers a wide selection of over 3,500 products from more than 300 popular and quality name brands. Employees can use their earned Applauz Points to purchase well-deserved gifts!


Company Perks

With custom Company Perks you can offer something as simple as the boss' parking spot for a week, a paid lunch, or even an afternoon off. Custom Perks are only limited to your imagination. The sky’s the limit!


Manager Wallets

Program owners have administrative rights to regulate the total number of Points managers have at their disposal. By giving individuals “Reward Wallets” filled with a pre-set quantity of Points, managers can quickly begin rewarding their teams and stay within a budget.


Points Top-Up

Employees can independently purchase extra reward Points to redeem gifts faster on the Rewards Marketplace and can help to increase employee engagement and program adoption.

Build an Extraordinary Workplace

Applauz helps you engage, recognize, and reward your best employees

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Reward Employees for Their Years of Service 

Recognize important milestones with gift vouchers employees can redeem for gifts or services.


Service Awards & Spot Gifting

Applauz's Years of Service program allows managers to recognize and offer gifts-vouchers for important work milestones or official work anniversaries. Gift vouchers can then be redeemed for a wide selection of brand-named products in the Applauz Marketplace. Employees have the freedom to choose gifts they will genuinely appreciate. 

Benefits of Years of Service:

  • Celebrate loyalty at every step with custom milestones
  • Flexible pricing to fit any budget 
  • Easy online shopping experience for employees

About Service Awards