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Success Story: Kongsberg Digital

Published: October 25, 2022

Last Updated: November 2, 2023

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By: Michelle Cadieux

A look at how this technology company uses Applauz and peer recognition to keep employees feeling valued and happy!

Company name: Kongsberg Digital

Industry: Technology

About: Kongsberg Digital delivers technological solutions to customers operating in challenging environments.

Headquarters: Houston, TX

Applauz participants: under 200 employees

Kongsberg Digital is a technology company with a rich history. The company was founded over 200 years ago in Norway, Denmark. Since then, Kongsberg Digital has become a leading company in their industry.

They specialize in developing technological solutions across several sectors, including deep-sea, digital, defence, marine, oil and gas, fisheries, and aerospace industries.

Houston is home to Kongsberg Digital's US subsidiary, where Rajeshkongsberglogo Baskaran is president of the company.

Rajesh shared some details about how his team of employees has been using Applauz since it was implemented in October 2021.

Before using Applauz, Kongsberg Digital already had practices of giving recognition. For example, they use gift cards, email, and Slack mentions to spontaneously thank employees for their work and contributions. In addition, they set up a more "formal" recognition segment during their annual kickoff meeting, where they award certificates for company values and employee tenure.

Clearly, workplace appreciation was already a priority for them. Yet, they felt recognition wasn't consistent enough. They were looking for a solution allowing praise to be offered daily, not something that happens once or twice a year.

In addition, keeping employees engaged during the pandemic and the transition to remote work was also a concern. To that end, he was seeking a solution to help keep employees connected via peer-to-peer recognition.

As far as Kongsberg Digital was concerned, Applauz addressed all of its concerns.

Rolling out Applauz

Regarding the initial program setup, Rajesh agrees it was fast and easy. And most importantly, it only took a few days for employees to start using the program.

Today, over 90% of Kongsberg Digitals employees use Applauz to offer Points and recognition to their coworkers. 

Rajesh mentions that employees love shopping the digital rewards catalogue for tangible gifts. And they love using GIFs and photos to add personality to their recognition messages.

As a whole, Rajesh believes that Applauz is an excellent solution, helping to keep remote employees connected and team morale strong.

Rajesh's Takeaways

  • Applauz is a great solution to increase the frequency of employee recognition.
  • Employees started using the program a few days after launch.
  • They enjoy using their earned Points to shop the digital rewards catalogue.
  • Applauz is a great tool for team building and keeping remote teams connected with each other.

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