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Success Story: Fresh Tracks Canada

Published: August 2, 2022

Last Updated: November 2, 2023

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By: Michelle Cadieux

A look at how this travel company uses Applauz and peer recognition to keep employees feeling valued and happy!

Company name: Fresh Tracks Canada

Industry: Travel

About: Fresh Tracks crafts high-end, personalized Canadian vacations for travellers worldwide.

Headquarters: Vancouver, BC

Applauz participants: under 200 employees

Founded in 1996, Fresh Tracks Canada is a unique luxury travel service. They craft personalized Canadian vacations for travellers looking to discover the best parts of Canada.

Based in downtown Vancouver, the Fresh Tracks team is made up of travel enthusiasts who love Canada. As an employer, the company prides itself on offering employees exciting work opportunities, new experiences, and rewarding relationships. Their teams are driven to provide exceptional service to guests and make work feel like play.


Growing Recognition

Ashley Desira is the Director of People Operations at Fresh Tracks; she oversees all things related to employees.

Before Applauz, Fresh Tracks did not have any recognition or appreciation programs in place.

Ashley admits coming out of COVID, employee morale in the company was low. People recognize each other in some teams but not in others. It was inconsistent, and some people ultimately felt left out.

To that end, the goal of implementing a program like Applauz was to scale up the practice of recognition. In short, to ensure everyone in the organization felt consistently appreciated. 

They also wanted to start encouraging peer-to-peer recognition. And Ashley wanted a tool that would allow these recognitions to be broadcast to other people in the company.

"We wanted to recognize and reward ALL employees, giving everyone the same opportunity. Also, we wanted to encourage peer-to-peer recognition and to obtain a platform that broadcasts these wonderful recognitions while also being rewarded."

A simple set-up

Ashely shares that the Applauz set-up was "seamless." Her dedicated agent helped with the entire process of setting up and rolling out the program.

It is clear the set-up was successful from Fresh Tracks employees' rapid adoption of the program. From day one, employees jumped on Applauz to start recognizing their peers.

"From day one, our employees have quickly jumped on board this great platform and recognized their peers."

The impact of recognition

Ashley is already starting to see the impact of recognition on her teams. 

The employees have only positive things to say about the new program, not to mention that they love cashing in their points in the marketplace for real rewards. 

Ashley is happy to report that the company's morale and engagement have improved due to this new recognition initiative.

Ashley's Takeaways

  • Applauz is a great tool to scale up recognition and make it consistent among all teams.
  • Employees love peer recognition and seeing other teams' recognition broadcast to the company.
  • Employees love using the marketplace to shop rewards with their points.
  • A dedicated agent was assigned to Fresh Tracks and helped make the entire set-up and roll-out process a success!
  • As an administrator, Applauz is user-friendly and simple to use.

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