Planning Service Awards

published: September 17, 2019

Years of Service Awards Programs have long been considered as a way to improve employee satisfaction and engagement, while also celebrating individual employee contributions, loyalty and dedication to the job. Using Applauz to manage your Service Awards is one of the best ways to encourage loyalty on the part of your workers.

Applauz offers Program Owners the option to easily set up and manage their company’s yearly employee anniversary celebrations without the hassles associated with managing traditional Service Awards Program. Combine Applauz Service Awards with a comprehensive Applauz-powered employee recognition strategy and maximize the impact of your overall employee engagement initiatives.

Enable the Service Awards Module

Navigate to your Program Settings page to enable the Service Awards Program module.

  • Program > Settings > Program Options > Enable Service Awards

Once enabled, you may navigate to the Service Awards page via the Program dropdown menu of the main navigation.


Configure your Service Awards Program

  • Program > Service Awards > Schedule Service Awards

Click on the “Schedule Service Awards” button displayed in the upper portion of the page to initiate the program setup wizard. The Setup Wizard will guide you through the entire process of configuring your Service Awards program on Applauz.


Step 1: Select Your Timeframe

“Timeframe”, as the name suggests, lets you decide on the length of time you wish to automate the delivery of your program Gift Vouchers without having to worry about purchasing additional Vouchers. In other words, scheduling your program timeframe enables your program to run automatically without further intervention on your part for the duration you've selected.


Step 2: Select Your Milestones

“Milestones” define the service anniversaries you wish to recognize as part of your company's official Employee Service Awards program. For ease of use, we’ve already listed some of the most popular Milestones that that companies celebrate.

Additional milestones can be added to your program as you see fit by clicking on the “Add Milestone” square displayed on screen.


Step 3: Establish Your Vouchers

Applauz Service Awards works with “Gift Vouchers”. Gift Vouchers act much like a gift card would, in that they’re prepaid and denominations are preselected by the giver. You can decide how much to spend per participant depending on which milestone they are celebrating.

When assigning a monetary value to a voucher, you’ll be able to see how many products are currently available to redeem from the Applauz Marketplace for that set value.


Step 4: Select Your Participants

Here’s where you’ll choose the participants to include as part of your company's program. Applauz makes it easy for you to manage who’s included, or excluded from your Service Awards Program by automatically generating a list of employees whose anniversaries fall within the milestones you’ve preselected during Step 2.

View important information at a glance, such as the number of employees included per milestone, and the predicted cost per milestone (before shipping and taxes).


Click on the dropdown arrow of a Milestone to expand and view the list of employees scheduled to be celebrated. To exclude an employee, simply uncheck the box and they will be removed from the current plan.


Step 5: Select Your Billing Preferences

The fees associated with your Services Awards program are the cost of the Gift Vouchers themselves along with Shipping and Handling fees required to deliver the redeemed gift to the individual.

To ensure that your Services Awards Program will run smoothly for your selected timeframe, Applauz offers you two (2) different methods of payment.

Single Payment - Choose to pay the costs for your entire timeframe upfront at checkout.


Monthly Billing Plan - Only pay the associated costs for the upcoming month. Your Service Award Vouchers, when billed monthly, will always be processed one month in advance of the Award Voucher delivery date to ensure uninterrupted program service.


Step 6: Confirm & Checkout

With your preferred method of payment selected, you'll then be asked to confirm your Service Awards Schedule and Billing Schedule before your program can begin. If all looks good, simply confirm your payment and your Services Awards program will be activated.



Once Your Program is Active

Any employees whose names were added to a Years of Service Milestone will automatically receive their Service Awards Gift Voucher in an email on their anniversary date. You can choose to change the delivery date or personalize the message sent prior to the anniversary. Once the Service Award is sent out, the participant will be able to redeem their reward using the gift voucher.

Visualizing Your Program

At the top of the page you will find your Service Awards Program Card detailing the Timeframe, and the selected Milestones with their available vouchers. You may cancel your Service Awards plan at any time by clicking the "Cancel Service Awards Program" button.

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Modifying a Scheduled Service Award

Locate the Service Award you would like to modify within the Scheduled Service Awards list and click on the edit icon to open up the edit window.

Modify the message sent to the individual by replacing the default text displayed in the message field with a more personalized one. If you change your mind, simply click the button below “Reset to Default Message” and your custom message will be removed.

The default delivery date is that of the participants work anniversary. If you wish to send the voucher immediately, select the radio button “Send message immediately” and the participant will receive their email as soon as you save the changes.

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Redeeming a Service Award

Participants celebrating work anniversaries will receive an email congratulating them on their loyalty and contribution to your organization (either the day of their anniversary, or an alternate date of your choosing).

Participants will be able to use either the special link in their email or the one on their News Feed to access the Applauz Marketplace to shop for their reward. Service Award Participants will only ever be able to shop items that their particular Gift Voucher affords, and are limited to only redeem one item per Gift Voucher.