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    Years of Service Awards Programs have long been considered as a way to improve employee satisfaction and engagement, while also celebrating individual employee contributions, loyalty and dedication to the job. 

    Applauz offers Program Administrators the option to easily set up and manage their company's yearly employee anniversary celebrations without the hassles associated with managing a traditional Service Awards Program.

    In this article, we will walk you through the step-by-step instructions on setting-up you Applauz Service Awards Program.

    What we'll cover:


    Selecting Service Award Milestones

    Access the Service Awards Page by navigating to the “Service Awards” drop down in the main menu and selecting “Manage”.

    You will be prompted to begin by setting up your celebration milestones. Click on the "Define my celebrations" button displayed on the page to initiate the configuration wizard.

    Step 1- Select Milestones

    The very first step is to define the service anniversaries or "milestones" you wish to recognize as part of your company's official Employee Service Awards Program. 

    Note: For ease of use, we've already listed some of the most popular Milestones that companies celebrate. 

    To add a milestone, click on the "Add to the List" square displayed on the screen. You will be prompted to select the anniversary year being celebrated and then confirm to add it to the list.

    To delete a milestone, just click on the red “X”, and it will be removed from the list. (if a mistake was made, it can always be added back.)

    Step 2- Set $ Value for the Award

    Applauz Service Awards works with "Gift-Vouchers." Gift-Vouchers act much like a gift card would, in that they're prepaid and denominations are pre-selected by the giver. You can decide how much to spend per participant, depending on which milestone they are celebrating. 

    When assigning a monetary value to a Gift-Voucher, you'll also be able to see how many products are currently available from the Marketplace at that value. You can click the link to preview them as well.

    Step 3- Award Message 

    Each milestone has a default message associated with it. In other words, this is the message that employees will see in their celebration email for their service award. 

    You can customize the message for each milestone to better reflect your company voice and brand. 

    Once you’re happy with the changes, click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the page to complete the configuration wizard. You will then be redirected to the dashboard where you see the milestones you've just set up, like below.

    Note: You can always modify your award message later on. Simply navigate to Program>Customization>Service Awards.


    Purchasing Gift-Vouchers

    You have now established the basic set-up for your Service Awards Program. You have decided which milestones your company will celebrate, and you have defined a budget for each.

    Now it’s time to purchase Gift-Vouchers for your existing employees!

    There are three ways you can purchase Gift-Vouchers with Applauz:

    1. By date range
    2. Manually (as you go)
    3. Automatic

    By date range

    Purchasing Gift-Vouchers by date range is ideal if you're looking to purchase in bulk for anywhere between a month up to an entire year.

    This is also a great tool for medium-sized teams. It will automatically go through your employee list and designate which Gift-Vouchers (if any) need to be purchased for the selected time frame.

    "Time frame," as the name suggests, lets you decide on the length of time you wish to purchase Gift-Vouchers for.


    The manual purchase of Gift-Vouchers is useful for small teams or purchasing a Gift-Voucher for a spontaneous Spot Gifting. Alternatively, for unique cases where you need to make a one-time purchase of a Gift-Voucher. For example, if an employee may have been absent from work during their work anniversary, and you wish to celebrate their work anniversary at a later time.


    The final option is the most convenient and time-efficient. It's great for HR teams who want to minimize any admin work related to Service Awards. Every month, Applauz automatically purchases and assigns Gift-Vouchers to employees celebrating a work anniversary that month. Your account will be billed automatically on a monthly basis for any Gift-Vouchers as well. Remember: we will always notify you by email ten days before the charge date.

    Selecting your preferred option

    To find these options, navigate to the Service Awards menu in the main navigation bar.

    • To purchase Gift-Vouchers By Date Range or Manually - select Purchase Gift-Vouchers.
    • To set-up the automatic purchase option - select Automatic Purchase. 


    Gift-Voucher purchase - by date range & manual


    By date range

    The system will automatically go through your employee list and designate which Gift-Vouchers (if any) need to be purchased for the selected date range.

    For example, if you select March 1st - 31st, only employees with work anniversaries in March will automatically be found by the system.

    Note: The system will ignore those who have already been celebrated within the time frame. 

    Manual Mode

    You will simply be presented with your employee list and you can pick and choose which employees you would like to purchase a Gift-Voucher for.

    Click “Add Gift-Voucher” and then select which milestone you would like to assign to the participant.

    Modifying Gift-Vouchers 

    At this point, you can make modifications like removing a Gift-Voucher by clicking “Remove”, adding an extra Gift-Voucher by clicking “Add Gift-Voucher,” or modifying the celebration date. 

    Note: The celebration date is set by default to the employee's “hire date” on file. 

    You can override default celebration dates by setting a Global Celebration Date. For example, if your purchasing gift-vouchers with a time frame of November 1st-30th, and you set the Celebration Date to November 1st, every employee with a work anniversary that falls in November will receive their celebration email on November 1st.

    If you want to modify an individual celebration date, click on the “edit” icon next to the default date. A small window will populate, allowing you to modify the celebration date. This custom date will also override any Global Celebration Date that was set.

    Once you are pleased with everything, click “Next” to move onto the payment step.


    Once your Gift-Vouchers have been selected, ere you will be presented with your purchase summary. If all looks good, select your preferred payment method and click “Pay Now” to confirm the purchase. 

    Note: Each Gift-Voucher is paired with a 3 month Service Awards License for the user. The license fee is $12USD per participant.

    Automatic Service Awards

    To set-up automatic Service Awards, navigate to the main Service Awards>Automatic Purchase. 

    You will see a brief description of the service and everything that it entails. To get started on your set-up, click the button Set-Up Automatic Service Awards.



    Spot Gifting

    In the case of employees who demonstrate outstanding work ethic and performances, spot gifting is used to spontaneously recognize these employees outside of a yearly work anniversary. It also allows more budget flexibility, as you decide what the value of the Gift-Voucher will be.

    Easily purchase Spot-Gifts through the Purchase Wizard in Manual Mode.

    Just like when assigning a Milestone gift-voucher to a participant, click “Add Gift-Voucher” to view the list of available choices. Select “Spot-Gift”.

    Enter the value of the Spot-Gift you want to award and view the available products at that price point. When you’re all set, make sure to click “add Spot-Gift” to confirm assignation.

    You can then modify the Spot-Gift celebration date just like any other Milestone celebration. Continue through the purchase wizard until the checkout process is complete.

    Visualizing Your Service Awards Program

    Once your Service Award Program is set up, you can access a global view and the status of all your employee celebrations in the main Service Awards menu.

    The colour of the celebration badge reflects the status of the Gift-Voucher. While the number in the badge represents milestone they are celebrating.

    For example, in the image below, in the case of Amandeep Kaur, her 4th-year anniversary Gift-Voucher is purchased and scheduled.

    Personalizing your Service Awards Program

    Applauz allows you to personalize the Service Awards experience. Doing this gives your employees a more memorable experience and one that is reflective of your company voice and brand.

    In this section we will go over the different ways you can personalize the Service Awards experience.

    Personalizing celebration email template

    On a work anniversary, employees receive a celebration email. The default email template can be customized to feature your company logo, signature, and optional image.

    To make these customizations, navigate to Program>Customization>Service Awards.

    Click on the "Email Options" tab.

    You will see the option to add a company logo, signature, or optional image.


    Personalizing individual celebration messages

    The award message can be uniquely tailored to each employee as well. Ultimately, making the employee's anniversary more special and memorable.

    To do this, navigate to Service Awards>Manage.

    Find the employee you wish to personalize the celebration for and click on "View Awards."

    Click on the edit icon. 

    A window will pop up where you can replace the default text in the message field with a more personalized one.

    Click “Save Changes” to finalize the modifications.

    Modify the default celebration date

    The celebration date is always, by default, the "hire date" of an employee. However, this date can be modified following the same process as above. Here you have two options:

    • Modify the default date to any future date of your choice by selecting a date in the "Send celebration on" calendar.
    • You can send the voucher immediately by selecting the button “Send message immediately.” The employee will receive their email as soon as you save the changes.

    Service Award Certificates

    When a employee is assigned a Service Award, Applauz generates a certificate for the company to award to the employee. This certificate can be printed at anytime.

    Click the “download” icon on the desired Gift-Voucher to view and print the PDF Certificate.

    Personalizing Service Awards Certificates

    You can personalize the Service Award certificate template with your company logo and custom signature image. 

    To personalize your certificate template, go to Program>Customization>Service Awards. 

    Click on the "Certificate Option." Here you can upload a logo and personalize the certificate to better reflect your company brand.


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