Personalizing Your Service Awards Program

Applauz allows you to personalize the Service Awards experience. Doing this gives your employees a more memorable experience and one that is reflective of your company voice and brand.

In this section we will go over the different ways you can personalize the Service Awards experience.

Personalizing celebration email template

On a work anniversary, employees receive a celebration email. The default email template can be customized to feature your company logo, signature, and optional image.

To make these customizations, navigate to Program>Customization>Service Awards.

Click on the "Email Options" tab.

You will see the option to add a company logo, signature, or optional image.


Personalizing individual celebration messages

The award message can be uniquely tailored to each employee as well. Ultimately, making the employee's anniversary more special and memorable.

To do this, navigate to Service Awards>Manage.

Find the employee you wish to personalize the celebration for and click on "View Awards."

Click on the edit icon. 

A window will pop up where you can replace the default text in the message field with a more personalized one.

Click “Save Changes” to finalize the modifications.

Modify the default celebration date

The celebration date is always, by default, the "hire date" of an employee. However, this date can be modified following the same process as above. Here you have two options:

  • Modify the default date to any future date of your choice by selecting a date in the "Send celebration on" calendar.
  • You can send the voucher immediately by selecting the button “Send message immediately.” The employee will receive their email as soon as you save the changes.

Personalizing Service Awards Certificates

You can personalize the Service Award certificate template with your company logo and custom signature image. 

To personalize your certificate template, go to Program>Customization>Service Awards. 

Click on the "Certificate Option." Here you can upload a logo and personalize the certificate to better reflect your company brand.