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    To unlock all the engagement-boosting features of Applauz and begin recognizing your workforce you’ll need to progress from the "Demo Mode" Account and launch your recognition program. 

    Note: When your account is in “Demo Mode” you will see this message appear at the top of your Applauz Newsfeed when you log into the platform.


    To progress from “Demo Mode” to the full recognition program, Applauz requires that you first complete your program setup. 

    Completing your Program setup entails two (2) easy steps.

    Your Recognition Program Set Up

    Start by navigating to the top right of your page and click on the "See What's Left" button.


    A “Program Checklist” modal will pop up outlining what's left for you to complete before you officially launch your Program.


    1 - Complete your Company's Information Section under Program in the Top Navigation Bar

    To edit your company’s information section you can click on “complete it now”, or you can navigate to Program > Settings in the top navigation bar.

    Launching Recognition Program Image 4

    Once all the appropriate company information is entered, click on "Save Company Info" in the bottom right of the box.

    Launching Recognition Program Image 5


    2 - Add at Least One (1) Employee

    Next - for you to launch your program, you’ll need to invite at least one employee to join the platform.

    Note: You can also take this opportunity to add all your employees by uploading a CSV file with all your employee’s basic info. However, you can always complete this at a later time.

    Adding employee(s) can be done by navigating to Program>Employees. 

    Once you’re in the Employees menu, you can click on “Add New Employee” to add either one employee manually or upload a CSV file.


    For additional help with adding new employee(s), please follow the detailed instructions in Adding and Managing Employees.

    Final Step - Launch!

    Once you have added at least one employee, you can click on "See What's Left" again and now you will be able to select the "Ready to Start" button.


    What Happens Once I’ve Launched My Company Recognition Program?

    Launching Recognition Program Image 8

    Once you see the message “Your Company has Launched,” you will simultaneously receive an automatic email confirmation, as you are the administrator of the program.

    The administrator confirmation email will look like this.


    Employees you've added to your recognition program before launching will immediately receive a welcome activation email as well. They will be invited to log into the platform with a temporary password provided to them in the welcome email. 

    Employees added after the program launch will receive an activation email as soon as you successfully create their employee record.

    Welcome Activation Emails


    The Reward Manager's welcome activation email will look like this.


    Quick Tips For Launching Your Program

    Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you launch your recognition program successfully:

    • Discussing your recognition efforts before you launch helps every participant understand its value, your expectations, and how you wish your workforce to engage with each other. 

    • Designate trusted individuals in your company as your program’s Managers. Whether you choose your HR Representatives or a department managers, assigning Managers will help your Program run smoothly.
    • If your organization uses Slack for internal office communication, adding Applauz to your Slack channel will improve your program engagement. Applauz for Slack will send updates to your chosen channel whenever a recognition event occurs on Applauz.
    • Buy Points to allocate to Managers so they can begin recognizing their teams. You can also decide to enable the Auto-Points Refill option available on your program settings page. 
      • This feature allows you to automatically allocate points to your Rewards Managers every month, as long as you have enough points in your company points bank. 
      • To learn more about how to set up Auto-Points, please refer to our tutorial How Auto-Points Work on Applauz.

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