How to Manage Departments

Departments are set up to mirror your org chart.

Departments on Applauz should closely resemble how your organization groups its divisions. A "Department Owner" must also be assigned to head the group. 

Note: Normally, Department Owners occupy the Role of Manager as well. However, any participant (regardless of Role) can be assigned as a Department Owner.

To access Departments,  navigate to the Employees>Departments. You will be redirected to a page that looks like the image below where you have a global view of all the Departments and the heads assigned to each.


Creating a new Department

To add a new Department, simply click on the '+New Department' button in the top right corner. 

You will be asked to give the Department a name and assign a Department Owner. Hit 'Create' to finalize. That's it!


Adding/removing members from a Department

To add/remove participants from a given Department, simply navigate to the menu Employees>Departments.

Click on the Department you wish to modify. 

You can add member(s) to Department by clicking on the green arrow and remove them by clicking on the red arrows.

Remember: always confirm changes by clicking on 'Save Users' at the bottom right.