Editing Existing Employee Information

If you wish to make changes to any information associated with an employee, for example, their address or phone number, you can easily do so.

Navigate to Employees>Manage to find a comprehensive list of all your employees on the Applauz platform.

Click on the blue 'Edit' icon appearing on the far right of the employee's name.

Note: If you click on the employees name, it will take you to the Applauz Employee Profile, which is a separate feature.


Clicking on 'Edit' will take you to the employee information page.

Here, you can manage all employee information, such as email, job title, and date of birth.

You may also click on any of the blue 'Edit' buttons to modify additional info such as their department, team, or role. 

Administrators have the power to delete the account, reset the password, and change their profile picture as well.

The employee information page looks like this: