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The Applauz Employee Profile

published: August 5, 2019

Your Employee Profile breaks down into 7 different sections in order to give you a complete overview of your performance and engagement rating.

Personal Culture Rating

Located to the top left of your profile page is your Culture Rating. Using the total analytics of your engagement on your company's Applauz platform you can earn a rating from 1 to 3 stars outlining your engagement level.

Employee Culture Score Rating Image 3

Personal Account Information

Just below your culture rating is where you will be able to see all of your personal and business' information saved on the platform

complete culture report image 1-1

Personal Account Analytics

Back at the top of the page, to the right of your personal identification card is where you'll find all the analytics based on your engagement levels and earnings within your company and is broken down into 5 distinct categories:

My Points

The "My Points" section outlines how many points you have in your wallet currently, how many points you've earned in total, and how many points you have redeemed or used to purchase items from the marketplace

complete culture report image 2

You also have the feature of seeing the timeline associated with your earned points, and those redeemed:

Applauz Personal Profile Image 3

My Recognitions

Under "My Recognitions" you'll be able to see how many times you've been recognized by both Managers and your Peers
complete culture report image 3
Again, this can be expanded to view a graph of when your "recognitions" were received

Applauz Personal Profile Image 5

My Badges

The "My Badges" section outlines your total number of badges earned and the break down of which kind of badges you have earned: Celebrations badges, Good Work Badges, and company Value Badges
My badges non-expanded view
You can again expand this view to see a graph breakdown of your celebrations and when these "recognitions" and badges were obtained

My badges expanded view

Personal Culture Score Breakdown

The following section is your overall culture score broken down by every type of action you have performed on your Applauz Platform. Here you can view both monthly and yearly contributions of:
  • Recognitions
  • Posts
  • Reactions
  • Comments
  • Poll Responses
  • Pulse Surveys


Personal Word Cloud

Finally your "Word Cloud" displays all the words used in the posts and "Recognitions" you have earned. These are the words people have used to describe you and your contributionsWord Cloud-2


Viewing Employee Profiles

The Owner & Reward Managers can view the profiles of each of their employees by following the proceeding steps:
  1. Program > Employees

Managerial view employees list image 1

From here you'll be redirected to a list of all your employees where you can see some top level information about their performances including:
  • Their roles
  • Points currently in their wallets
  • The # of badges they've earned
  • Their Latest activity
  • When they were added to your program
  • Whether or not their accounts are licensed
Managerial view employees list image 2
From here a manager or owner can see the profiles of each of their employees by simply clicking on their names

Managerial view employees list image 3

While not able to edit any of the information on your employees profile pages, you can view everything that has been entered 

Managerial view employees list image 4-1