Modifying Program Options

To access the program settings menu navigate to Program>Settings. 

Note: Only Administrators have access to program settings menu.

In the settings menu, you will see all the basic information associated to your account and program.

Scroll down to the 'Program Options' section.

Here you can turn on/off key features on the Applauz platform. By default, most are turned off. 

Enable automatic event announcements 

To enhance your Employee Recognition Program, we recommend turning the first three features on.


The announcement of employee birthdays and anniversaries on the Newsfeed is highly recommended! These reminders help managers never forget an important employee event. 

For more tips on employee celebrations, check this article covering how to celebrate important employee events.

Turning on additional features

That said, additional features are turned off by default as they require the purchase of Applauz Points to work.

Rewarding employees with Applauz Points will help you take recognition to the next level. Buying Applauz Points is simple--you can do it directly on the settings page by clicking "Buy Points." 

Assuming you decide to boost your recognition program with Applauz Points. In that case, you can turn on the following features in your Program Options once Points are purchased:

Turning on Service Awards

Lastly, Service Awards helps companies honour their employee's milestone anniversaries.

Enabling "Service Awards" in Program Options will simply make the "Service Awards" menu appear in the main navigation bar. Nothing more.



From there, you may click on the "Service Awards" menu in the main navigation bar. Inside the menu, they can configure the program by selecting milestones of their choice (example: 3-years, 5-years, and 10-years anniversaries) and purchasing Gift-Vouchers. 

For more information on this process, check out our helpful resourcess regarding an Applauz Service Awards Program.