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    Licences are how your employees gain access to your Applauz program.

    The number of licences you need to purchase is equal to the number of employees you wish to participate in the program.

    Licenses for free accounts

    Applauz Recognition is always free for 10-participants or less. 

    A free Applauz trial account comes with 10 free licenses that can be assigned to up to ten participants.

    You’ll only be charged a monthly license fee per participant if you choose to add an 11th participant to the program.





    Expanding Applauz to your entire workforce

    If your workforce consists of more than ten people you will need to purchase licenses for them to use Applauz.

    It’s important to note that a license fee per existing participant will be charged upon adding your 11th employee. Simply put, you will need to begin paying for the original 10 licenses, they will no longer be free.

    License fees

    The cost of a license varies based on your plan (monthly, yearly, biennial). Check out more details on our pricing page.

    Note: Prices are listed and billed in USD. Renewals of monthly plans are scheduled on the 1st day of each month. While annual plans are renewed the first day of the purchase month of the following year.

    How to purchase Applauz licences

    Only the sole owner of Applauz can purchase licences.

    As an owner, you must first log into your Applauz account. In the main navigation bar go to Program>Subscriptions.

    Under the 'Subscriptions' menu, you will find all information related to your 'Billing History' and your 'Current Subscription Plan.'

    If you are on a free plan or trial account, you will see an "Upgrade Now" banner.

    Click on the button "Get Started."


    You will be presented with two options: monthly or yearly billing. By paying upfront for 1-year, you get a better rate.


    In the second to last step (before payment) you will select the number of licenses. 


    Next, you will need to review and submit your order. Click on "Proceed to Payment" when ready.

    Note: You will most likely see a "credit" line on your first bill, as the fees are pro-rated. For example, if you purchase a monthly billing plan in the middle of the month, you only pay for half the month.


    Lastly, you will be brought to a final 'Checkout' page that shows the invoice and you will be asked to input your billing address and credit card information.


    Click on "Pay now" to finalize the payment.

    Note: You can access your invoice history anytime at Program>Invoices.

    Assigning licenses to Employees

    Once the licenses are purchased, you will notice in the top right corners of the main navigation bar, the Administrator see the number of licences available to assign.


    Licenses can be reassigned to your program participants as you see fit.

    If you are setting up your program for the first time, you must add employees to Applauz before assigning licences.

    Once your employees are added to the platform, navigate to Employees>Manage. Here you will see a full list of every employee participating in the recognition program.

    Toggle on the button "Assign Licence.


    This action will attribute a license to that employee and send a welcome email containing their temporary password to log in to Applauz for the first time.

    Pro Tip: Write a welcome post on the Applauz Newsfeed! Your employees will see it when they log into Applauz for the first time.

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