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    Montreal, Quebec – January 27th, 2022: Applauz is proud to announce that it has been selected by HRD Canada as a 5-star provider of HR software and technology in the “Rewards & Recognition” category. 

    In this yearly review, HRD Canada recognizes the software and tech companies that have provided cutting-edge products necessary for organizations to thrive in a changing environment in four categories: payroll solutions, HRIS solutions, rewards and recognition, and recruitment solutions.

    Applauz has been selected as a top solution for the rewards and recognition category as well as being commended for "giving employees the best rewards selection while significantly improving employee engagement levels."

    Other companies selected by HRD Canada in this year's report include ADP Canada, BambooHR, Gusto, 15Five, and OCTanner.

    You can find a complete list of providers for each category on the report’s official page.

    About HRD Canada

    HRD is Canada's leading publication for senior human resource professionals and top corporate decision-makers. 

    HRD Canada concentrates on the real issues and challenges facing the HR professional and the industry, with in-depth features and analysis of what really matters. HRD features high-level case studies, international and local profiles, interviews with HR directors and industry leaders from around the globe as well as leading newsmakers in the field. Content goes beyond industry standard, offering highly engaging, timely, relevant, innovative and entertaining articles through the HRD website.

    About Applauz

    Applauz is an award-winning employee engagement and recognition platform with all the tools needed to support a thriving company culture from the office, from home, and anywhere in between.

    Existing clients include Laurentian Bank, Shriners Hospitals, and Digital Extremes, amongst other well-known international brands.

    Applauz helps organizations cultivate a culture of employee engagement and appreciation via peer-to-peer recognition, pulse surveys, wellness goals and milestone rewards. Companies can automate and measure their engagement efforts to gain actionable insights into their people operations.

    Visit Applauz. me to learn more. 


    Michelle Cadieux
    Michelle Cadieux

    Michelle is the lead content writer at Applauz. She has a Psychology background and loves to read and write about human happiness, motivation and decision-making. She loves scary movies and cooking classic Italian food.

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