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Montreal, Quebec July 3rd, 2019 – Applauz Recognition was nominated for an award by the HRD Awards in the category of Best Service Provider.

The HRD awards are a Canadian awards ceremony that promotes the best developments in Human Resources. They have now nominated Applauz Recognition, for the second year in a row, as being The Best Service Provider in Canada. These awards are extremely well recognized throughout Canada and are seen as the most prestigious of Human Resource focused awards. Being nominated, for a second time, only a year and a half into Applauz’ lifespan is no small feat; Applauz has already been nominated for 6 awards, won 4, and is a finalist once again for this national award.

Receiving these industry accolades so early on in its inception is evidence of the value and importance of Applauz’s offering. In today’s modern workforce, there is an increased amount of pressure on those people within the HR suite to handle Employee Engagement and Appluaz uses technology to support these HR efforts in creating environments and offering a platform which supports positive employee engagement. Along with the multiple partnerships Applauz has formed, they have established a system that helps the HR suite with their onboarding and engagement initiatives all within one centralized platform. These services allow Applauz to help businesses improve their overall corporate culture. This recognition proves the value Applauz brings to those who make up the HR suite of businesses and how it provides the best service to these professionals through its onboarding, recognizing, and rewarding services and its full gamut of analytics.

Francois Fortier, the company’s founder and visionary states, “'Applauz started out as an idea to help motivate, reward, and recognize employees. I had no idea just how far-reaching these contributions would extend. It's extremely rewarding to see how our development is helping businesses improve their human resources in conjunction with increasing employee engagement. When we set out to help small and medium-sized businesses be great at rewarding, recognizing, and retaining their employees, we had no idea just how much of an impact Applauz would have. Today, we are proud to say that we are helping hundreds of SMBs!”

Applauz is now a multiple-award-winning application receiving industry awards from HRD, CV Magazine in 2018 and 2019, and this year from the Employee Engagement awards.


Company Summary:

Applauz Recognition helps SMBs engage, recognize, and reward employees with its platform. With the release of even more new features coming as of August, including a brand new subscription model, with Applauz Recognition you can rest assured that your employee engagement budget is invested in your employees. If you are like the thousands of companies who struggle to attract and retain quality employees, signup to today and start building an amazing work culture!

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