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13 Tips to Boost Engagement for Remote Employees Using Applauz

published: April 16, 2020

You're probably reading this from the comfort of your home office—like many millions of other people, you are now working from home. Some experts have even called it the world's largest work-from-home experiment. 

Despite the physical distance, we are lucky to live in an era where technology is capable of bringing people together. Tools like chat, video calls, project management software, allow us to feel as though we never left the office.

Yes! Company Culture CAN Thrive in a Digital World

That said, when workers are isolated in their homes, the lack of spontaneous human connection can be problematic. Its impact on company culture and employee engagement is a concern.

If digital communities (built of people who have never even met) can thrive online, so can your company's culture.

Working from home should not undermine the culture you worked hard to build. But first, finding the right tools is instrumental in supporting a distributed workforce.

Applauz Recognition is designed with a remote workforce in mind. The app supports cultural growth and interpersonal relationships while colleagues work apart.

Now, let's explore Applauz's key features and engagement tips that boost company cohesion and culture for remote teams.

1- Applauz Newsfeed

The Newsfeed is the app's homepage. It's where all the recognition action happens. We like to think of it as your company's employee engagement "town square." In the context of teams working remotely, the Newsfeed is an organization's most useful tool to keep people connected. Here are some ideas that you can put in place to make the most out of the Newsfeed while working from home.

  • Increase your recognition frequency: Shine a light on employees who espouse behaviours you wish the rest of the team to follow.

  • Post all announcements—big and small: The announcements that used to be for face-to-face interactions should now go on the Newsfeed.

  • Be inspiring and creative: Managers can post daily motivational messages on the Newsfeed to keep morale up.

  • Share pictures: Sharing pictures of your remote workstation or your family pet brings teams together as they continue to share aspects of their life with each other.

  • Make employees a big deal: Announce and celebrate birthdays and employee service milestones like a BOSS!

  • Encourage games and friendly competition: Host a cook-off and post your week’s best home-cooked meal, for example.


2- Goals & Badges

With Applauz, you can create custom Goals that help to motivate your employees. In the context of remote work, Goals are a great way to engage your team. Think of Goals as a way to infuse fun and friendly competition into the workweek. 

Think of "challenge" ideas and make them into official Goals on Applauz. Using Applauz Goals officializes the challenge because Applauz Points are awarded to employees who complete the Goal. Here are some ideas you can try on your team. 

  • Offer online courses: Working remotely means extra concentration and time to ramp up your skill set. Set a Goal for specific employees, or groups to complete specific courses.  i.e. subscription to Linda.com or Coursera.com, etc.

  • Start an “idea club”: Select a specific article, book, or Podcast employees can read or listen to individually.  Turn it into a Goal and offer Applauz Points to those who complete the challenge. You can discuss the ideas together on your next video call.

  • Host “Lunch & Learns”:  An employee volunteers to lead the afternoon video call session and teach colleagues about a new and exciting topic. Employees who attend are awarded a Badge, and Applauz Points are given to the employee who volunteers to host.

  • Host a funny WFH fashion contest: Employees use the Applauz Newsfeed to post pictures of their best WFH looks and the winner is awarded Applauz Points.


3- Custom Company Perks 

Perks are customized rewards that a Program Administrator creates. They are used in conjunction with Applauz Points. Perks can be something as simple as offering employees the boss' parking spot for a week, or a free catered company lunch.

In the context of employees working from home, Custom Company Perks should be adjusted to reflect this changing environment. Here are Custom Perks ideas for remote workers you can create on Applauz:

  • Increase the offering of deliverable Perks: This can include things like Uber Eats gift certificates or gift certificates to specific local restaurants offering delivery service. This is a great way to support independent restaurants as well!

  • Afternoon off: During stressful times, offering an afternoon off is the best Perk you can give.

  • Gift certificates for essential items: When times are uncertain, it’s nice to have a little bit of help to purchase essential items. Consider buying gift cards of various denominations for places like pharmacies, grocery stores, hardware stores and superstores like Walmart or Costco.