A key step to the initial launch of your Applauz Program is adding participants to the program, otherwise known as your Employees.

Alternatively, you may also find yourself, later on, needing to add new hires to your existing program.

That said, there are two main ways of adding employees to the Applauz platform.

In this article, we will walk you through both methods, and in addition, how to modify existing employee information.

What we'll cover:

Adding Employees Manually

To add individual employees, navigate to Employees>Manage.
Under the Manage menu, you will find the full employee list. It looks like this:

Simply click on the blue button 'New Employee' at the top right to begin adding members individually.

You will be prompted to fill out basic employee information. Hit 'Save' to save the new employee profile.


Note: By default, only the Program Administrator, as well as Manager(s), can add, edit, and delete Employees at any time.

If this is the first time launching your program

Once you’ve added at least one (1) employee and have completed your recognition program setup, you’ll be able to start your engagement program.
  • Any employees added before launching your program will be emailed an invitation the minute you’ve decided to exit your demo and begin your program.
  • Any employee added after you’ve launched will receive an invitation email with their credentials immediately after their employee profile was successfully added to the program.

Here’s the program invitation email message added employees receive:

adding employees in bulk image 6

Adding Employees in Bulk

To add employees in bulk, navigate to Employees>Bulk Upload.

The administrator can download a CSV template and fill it with the data required for upload.

Note: If you wish to add more than ten (10) employees at once, we recommend you use the bulk upload tool. 


When you are filling out the CSV template make sure you enter all the requested information.

Note: Pay close attention to the format of hire date and date of birth. If the formatting is not correct the system will generate an error message.



Once the CSV template is filled out, it must be uploaded. If your import was successful you’ll see an on-screen confirmation message.
If you encounter any issue or error with the upload process or the spreadsheet itself, Applauz will tell you what exactly went wrong so you can correct the problem.

The administrator can also edit any of the employees before saving them to their employee database.

Syncing employee information with integrations

Applauz integrates with popular HR management platforms: BambooHR and ADP. 

If your employee data base is on either of these platforms, you can simply integrate BambooHR or ADP to Applauz, and all your employee information will sync seamlessly!

For step-by-step instructions:

Editing Existing Employee Information

If you wish to make changes to any information associated with an employee, for example, their address or phone number, you can easily do so.

Navigate to Employees>Manage to find a comprehensive list of all your employees on the Applauz platform.

Click on the blue 'Edit' icon appearing on the far right of the employee's name.

Note: If you click on the employees name, it will take you to the Applauz Employee Profile, which is a separate feature.


Clicking on 'Edit' will take you to the employee information page.

Here, you can manage all employee information, such as email, job title, and date of birth.

You may also click on any of the blue 'Edit' buttons to modify additional info such as their department, team, or role. 

Administrators have the power to delete the account, reset the password, and change their profile picture as well.

The employee information page looks like this:


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