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The Importance of Employee Recognition

published: December 10, 2018

Employee recognition is when an employer or colleague takes the time to recognize the work efforts of an individual or of a team.

Studies being done in recent years all point to the same thing: Employee recognition plays a major role in employee engagement and employee engagement, in turn, plays a major role in the success of a company.

Asset 12Recognizing your Team

Recognizing employees doesn’t have to break your bank account.

Every company can improve employee job satisfaction and can do so without having to reward their staff with tangible gifts. There are personal, authentic, and engaging ways to build meaning and purpose for employees.

"52% of respondents said that they would be more engaged in the workplace if their leaders gave
them recognition."
(2015 Psychometrics survey)

This means that over half the people in this group don’t feel sufficiently engaged and lack the positive reinforcement so crucial to the foundations of a successful business. Do you want more than half of your employees to feel disengaged from their daily tasks and overall work life?

The Importance of Having a Plan

It’s important companies develop a plan for recognizing employees—and sticks to it. Too often praising employees for a job well done is dismissed or forgotten between the daily work of the next big meeting and the myriad of impending deadlines. 98% of Canadian employees feel that engagement is a crucial issue that needs to be addressed (Psychometrics, 2015).

Positive Reinforcement - It’s EasyAsset 22

Something so simple as saying “Thank you!” or “You did a great job today!” can work wonders when it comes to the morale of an individual. Not only is it beneficial to that individual, but it’s likely that the employee will then talk about the experience with their colleagues, and in sharing that seemingly small piece of information, they spread the positive reinforcement they’ve experienced. Recognizing good work and behaviour tends to be a multiplier of positivity.

Teamwork Begets Teamwork

When employees receive praise as a team it increases both the morale of the individuals in that team and to the group as a whole. This praise transforms into a shared experience that fosters a sense of belonging, promotes deeper collaboration, and ensures the continuation of good work & functional relationships in the future.

Asset 43Acknowledge with Knowledge

One way to acknowledge great work is through employee coaching and mentorships with more experienced colleagues and/or superiors. This will increase the impact learning has on performance as well as mental well-being. If an employee feels like they are being invested in, the more likely they will take their job to heart and become engaged.

How Companies Recognize Their Top Talent

  • Saying: “Thank You!” or “You did a great job today!” in a one-on-one meeting, in a group meeting, in a handwritten or typed note, on Social Media, or the office whiteboard, etc.
  • Allowing schedule flexibility and offering work-from-home days
  • Celebrating birthdays and other life events
  • Celebrating company milestones. "Did that year-long project meet with success?"
  • Catered meals from time to time can bring the whole team together, allowing for communication between people that don’t need to necessarily work together very often
  • Begin using specialized software recognition programs that use points-based systems so that employees can give and earn points

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