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The Newest Business Trend: C-Level HR Professionals

Published: August 12, 2019

Last Updated: February 7, 2024

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HR professionals are now being granted C-Level Status. Read more to discover why!

Over the last twenty years, while there have been an untold amount of changes within the business world, there are two that are possibly the most pertinent. The first was the importance of IT professionals within the work space, and the second, which is almost complete, is recognition of the need for HR professionals.

It was the onset of Internet of Things (I.O.T.) and technology within the workplace becoming such an important factor simply for the facilitation of business that drove CEO’s, CFO’s, and other C level executives to recognize the needed value that IT employees offer.

The Evolution of Business Follows the Times

Along with the digital world that became unlocked for companies, came along a whole wave of employees to fill in the roles that a lot of the older generations couldn’t fill in as well. Incorporating daily business, marketing, and sales techniques within the digital world that the “video-gaming” and millennial generation were perfectly suited to excel in.

This new generation of employees came with a slew of new demands for their employers in order to perform at their best. As such, Employee Engagement, because of these demands, has become the focus (or should have) for many companies. There are already many statistics and studies that have been gathered and completed to back up this trend. With increasing productivity and profitability by up to 202% as was illustrated by Glint, or the floundering employee attrition and retention statistics due to companies failing to meet their employees’ wants, the role of human resource professionals is now more important than ever.

The New Generation of Chief Employees Continues?

Just as there is a growing, established group of C level IT professionals, at Applauz we know that in order to properly serve the demand of Employee Engagement, to help serve up the aforementioned astronomical (and yes, that word is not misplaced) positive increases in business productivity, and bottom-lines, there may soon be C level human resource positions opening up to those extremely valued professionals.


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The New Technological Solution

Providing the necessary recognition initiatives for employees like Applauz, organizing the available in-house training opportunities, and allowing for the growth that so many of these new employees are craving all fall within much of the HR purview. With all of these newly positioned needs of employees, not only will the requirements of your HR professionals increase, but the need to automate and install systems that are turn-key, easy to use initiatives, will be tremendously important.

From the gamification of Employee Engagement, including the recognition and rewarding aspects of it, to the analytical aspect of Employee interaction, Applauz Recognition is the only platform that offers the full gamut of services, free of charge for SMBs except for the gifts, that can be used by any HR professional in order to optimize your ROI, without the need for any special training. Employees can further be motivated by the ease of which Applauz can be used to show the work that their colleagues and they demonstrate within the workplace.

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