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Building a Culture of Appreciation: 5 Key takeaways from Francois Fortier, Founder and CEO of Applauz

Published: May 19, 2023

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Francois Fortier, Applauz CEO is a guest on the HR Chat Podcast

Gain key insights on building a culture of appreciation from Francois Fortier, Founder and CEO of Applauz. In this HR Chat episode, Francois shares his invaluable experience in creating people-first cultures and fostering employee engagement.

Francois Fortier, the Founder and CEO of Applauz has a deep understanding of building and scaling companies in the Reward and Recognition space. His passion for creating people-first cultures and fostering employee engagement is evident when listening to this podcast.

Francois aims to make work environments happier and more fulfilling. In this podcast, he delves into some of the valuable insights he’s learned throughout his 15+ years of experience in the industry. He also shares some important learnings on the significance of building an authentic culture of appreciation.

The "HR Chat" podcast is known for featuring influential voices in the HR industry, and having Francois Fortier as a guest further exemplifies their commitment to delivering high-quality content. His interview is sure to inspire and empower listeners to take their HR practices to new heights.

Listen to the 30-minute interview with Francois Fortier on the "HR Chat" podcast:

HR Chat Podcast

“Feeling Appreciated with Francois Fortier, Applauz”

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Key Takeaways:

On The The Significance of Building an Authentic Culture of Appreciation

In the podcast, Francois emphasizes that leaders should care about fostering an authentic culture of appreciation because it directly impacts employee satisfaction, motivation, and overall productivity. When employees feel valued and recognized, they become more engaged and invested in their work, leading to enhanced individual and team performance.

Leadership's Role in Developing a Culture of Appreciation

According to Francois, leadership plays a crucial role in the development of a culture of appreciation. Leaders must set the tone by actively demonstrating and promoting appreciation within the organization. By recognizing and acknowledging employee contributions, leaders inspire others to do the same, creating a positive and supportive work environment.

Overcoming Obstacles to Growing Appreciation at Work

HR leaders often face challenges when implementing appreciation initiatives. Francois suggests that overcoming these obstacles requires a combination of effective communication, training, and support. By educating managers and employees about the value of appreciation and providing the necessary resources, HR leaders can encourage widespread adoption of appreciation practices.

Software and Beyond: Components of a Comprehensive Approach

While software, like Applauz, can streamline and enhance appreciation efforts, Francois highlights that it is only one part of the solution. A comprehensive approach to building a culture of appreciation includes fostering open communication, providing timely feedback, and promoting a supportive work environment. Combining technology with these human-centric components allows for a more holistic and impactful approach.

Applauz's Ethos and the Meaning of a Culture of Appreciation

For Francois, a culture of appreciation means creating an inclusive and empowering work environment where employees feel valued for their contributions. At Applauz, this ethos is embedded in its mission to help companies build “happier workplaces”. By providing effective and affordable solutions, Applauz enables leaders to motivate and inspire their teams, while employees experience a greater sense of appreciation and recognition.


Francois Fortier's insights shed light on the importance of building an authentic culture of appreciation within organizations. Leaders must prioritize appreciation to foster engagement, productivity, and employee well-being. By combining technology, leadership involvement, and a comprehensive approach, companies can create an environment where appreciation thrives. With Applauz leading the way, organizations can embark on a transformative journey towards a happier and more fulfilling workplace.

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