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Rewarding Employees with Applauz Points

published: April 30, 2018

Applauz Points are considered your recognition currency. Step up employee recognition by giving Applauz Points to employees for a job well done!

Employees collect Applauz Points and redeem them for custom Company Perks or on the Rewards Marketplace for a gift of their choice.

Applauz also allows Administrators to allocate a Points Allowance to designated "Reward Managers" so they can be responsible for recognizing their teams as well.

Read on to learn more about Applauz Points and how they work!

Note: Only the Applauz Program Administrator has permission to purchase Points and to manage allocation to "Reward Manager's" wallets.

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Benefits of using points

  • Improve employee recognition
  • Motivate employees to perform at their best
  • Support company appreciation

Key characteristics of Points

  • 10 Points = 1 $
  • Points are optional component of the Applauz Program and can be purchased on the platform
  • No monthly fees, contracts, or hidden costs
  • Points have no expiration date
  • Redeemable on the Applauz Marketplace (Shipping and applicable taxes included) or for custom Company Perks

How to Buy Applauz Points

The first step to purchasing Points is making sure your company profile information is complete.

To complete all basic information navigate to:

  1. Program>Settings
  2. Locate the company information section
  3. Fill in your company address, city, country, state/province & zip/postal code
  4. Save your changes

Once your company profile is complete you are ready to purchase Applauz Points!

  • Navigate to Program>Buy Points.
  • Select from two options:
    • Pre-set Points Packages 
    • Purchase a custom amount using the "a-la-carte" option
  • With a preferred package selected, continue to checkout.
  • Review the purchase and billing address. Ensure there are no errors.
  • Add a new payment method and fill in credit card information.
  • Click on Purchase Points.

Note: Once you completed your Applauz Points purchase, you can allocate an allowance to selected Rewards Managers using the Points Allowance module.  Check out the article How to us Points Allowances for step-by-step instructions on granting Points Allowances.